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ONX MMA gloves: What distinguishes the new UFC gloves from those that head coach Trevor Wittman has suggested?


One of the UFC’s oldest issues has been fixed by the ONX MMA Gloves. Eye pokes have been a problem for the organisation for a long time, and many fighters have been hurt by them. Trevor Wittman, fortunately, has developed a solution by creating gloves that can lessen eye pokes.

The gloves used by the veteran MMA coach have a number of significant design modifications that not only lessen the possibility of eye pokes but also reduce wrist injuries. The MMA gloves from ONX are made with a natural inward curve.

As a result, fighters can’t naturally spread their fingers apart. Instead, it automatically moulds a fighter’s hand into a tighter fist. In order to prevent fighters from rotating their wrists, Trevor Wittman’s gloves also have a strapping mechanism that firmly holds the wrist and all of its ligaments in place.

The wrist and palm regions of the ONX MMA gloves are likewise leather-free. To prevent sweat from making a fighter’s knuckles slide, which frequently results in injuries, several materials are utilised.

The ONX MMA gloves patent war

Despite the fact that the UFC has yet to make any significant adjustments to their gloves, Wittman’s glove design has received great appreciation from both competitors and spectators in general. In an appearance on the JRE podcast, Wittman said that this was the result of discussions on the UFC’s end.

Even if the promotion liked his idea, they wouldn’t utilise the gloves until Wittman sold them the patent. Wittman, for his part, has rejected the notion of selling the UFC the sole rights to his gloves. The result has been a deadlock that has prevented him from using his gloves in the octagon while the eye pokes continue.

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