One week before his battle at ONE Fight Night 15, Mikey Musumeci is struggling through Thailand with a bad case of food illness.

Mikey Musumeci, the world champion in flyweight submission grappling for ONE, posted some disheartening news on Instagram on September 26, 2023. He had a severe case of food poisoning, which manifested as a high fever, and he was sent to the hospital as soon as possible.

Musumeci posted a picture of himself in a hospital bed along with a caption that read:

“I won’t be eating any more street-cut watermelon because it gave me food poisoning and a fever.”An excerpt from Mikey Musumeci’s Instagram story, captured on screen
An excerpt from Mikey Musumeci’s Instagram story, captured on screen
After a few minutes, he posted yet another update with the same photograph and the following caption:

“Had to rush back to the hospital because the fever reached 106 degrees Fahrenheit, and I am in a great deal of pain “Another one of Musumeci’s Instagram stories.
Another one of Musumeci’s Instagram stories.

This food poisoning episode sustained by ‘Darth Rigatoni’ is one week ahead of his openweight grappling submission showdown with Shinya Aoki on October 6 at ONE Fight Night 15. Aoki is a Japanese icon and a former ONE lightweight MMA world champion.

It is yet unknown whether Musumeci will opt out of the match with Aoki in order to properly heal from the recent episode of food illness or whether he will be able to recover in time for the showdown with Aoki. He has stated in the past that he is determined to accomplish ‘Tobidan Judan,’ which is a move that ONE lightweight submission grappling world champion Kade Ruotolo was unable to complete against Shinya Aoki.

In addition, the 27-year-old revealed that he would be moving to Thailand and would begin training in Muay Thai with the hopes of becoming a well-rounded martial artist and eventually competing in MMA bouts, which are held by the most prestigious martial arts organization in the world. Musumeci has made no secret of the fact that he wants to compete in a mixed martial arts battle at some point.

It was in August at ONE Fight Night 13: Allazov vs. Grigorian on Prime Video where he successfully defended his world title against the challenge of ONE strawweight world champion Jarred Brooks. He is currently riding the momentum of that victory.

All Prime Video subscribers in North America get access to the live stream of ONE Fight Night 15 at no additional cost.

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