One of Song Yadong’s responses to Petr Yan’s yawning emoji reaction was, “Let’s see who’s the best boxer.” Song Yadong’s response was appropriate.

In response to Petr Yan’s yawning emoji reaction to Song Yadong’s bout at UFC Vegas 83, Song Yadong has provided a response that is entirely appropriate.

Last night, Song Yadong made his way into the octagon to compete against Chris Gutierrez in the main event, which consisted of five rounds. During the bout, Yadong was able to prevail against Gutierrez, who was having difficulty establishing his footing in the fight. Gutierrez was unable to maintain his footing.

Yadong displayed a mastery of grappling techniques, which allowed him to win the bout by unanimous decision. The majority of the fight took place on the ground. Petr Yan appeared to be bored throughout the battle, despite the fact that the majority of the mixed martial arts community was impressed with the Chinese national since he revealed the blueprint to easily defeat “El Guapo.”

During his reaction to the main event of UFC Vegas 83, the former bantamweight champion of the UFC took to X and posted an emoji of a yawning face. After some time had passed, Song Yadong responded to the tweet and criticized the Russian for being designated as his next opponent.

“You next, no more hiding.”

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In addition, Song Yadong mentioned Petr Yan during his press conference that took place after the fight, according to what he said:

I’ve previously let everyone know that I want to compete against Petr Yan. In his post, he included the yawning emoji. This indicates that the fight was dull, but his previous bout was dull as well, like a piece of crap. Now, let’s get down with UFC 299! It’s time to find out who the finest boxer is.

Henry Cejudo speaks on Song Yadong exposing Chris Gutierrez

Henry Cejudo, a former bantamweight champion of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, believes that the discrepancy between the two fighters’ ground games became more apparent as the rounds progressed, with ‘El Guapo’ spending a significant amount of time on the ground.

Henry Cejudo, a past champion in two other divisions, expressed his disapproval of Chris Gutierrez’s performance in response to the same reason. He criticized Gutierrez by expressing the following in a series of statements that he made on social media:

The fakes that Gutierrez has are great, but they don’t bring anything substantial with them. However, he is not putting enough effort into his leg kicks.

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In addition, Henry Cejudo discussed how Yadong was able to draw attention to Gutierrez, which will result in his future adversaries making an effort to bring him down. It was him who said:

Everyone who is watching this is going to put him out of business from this point forward. Fighters reveal the identities of other fighters.

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