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Once the winner of Leon Edwards vs. Kamaru Usman is revealed, UFC supporters cheer and leap on Colby Covington.


It appears that Colby Covington was ecstatic to witness Leon Edwards defeat Kamaru Usman and defend his welterweight belt. An MMA fan shared video of Chaos celebrating after Rocky was declared the winner of the UFC 286 main event on Twitter. The chance of a potential championship shot presented by the outcome, rather than Covington being an Edwards fan, appears to be what Covington is most excited about, according to fight fans.

‘Chaos’ has already suffered two defeats against Usman in title battles. Usman would have been virtually eliminated from the championship picture if he had won in London. But now that Edwards has prevailed, Covington is once again in the running for the welterweight championship.

Check out some of the funny fan responses to the Colby Covington video.

Covington is pleased with the outcome because it basically gives him a championship opportunity, according to Twitter user @MMAFayce:

No, he is pleased to receive a crack at the crown. In response, user @therainvvs posted a meme referencing the predicament. A different user on the internet, @ChrisAg0914, hypothesised that Chaos is thrilled with the outcome since he doesn’t want to lose to “The Nigerian Nightmare” twice in a row. Colby Covington said, “He [Leon] getting all amped up like he didn’t just piece up the guy that shattered his face and beat him twice.” According to another user, Covington is pleased with the outcome because “Chaos” will now be eligible for an immediate title opportunity rather than having to go against a top challenger like Shavkat Rakhmonov in his next match.

Dana White confirms Colby Covington is next in line for the title shot

Looks like fight fans were right when they anticipated Leon Edwards’ victory over former pound-for-pound champion Kamaru Usman would lead to Colby Covington receiving an instant title chance.

Unexpectedly, UFC president Dana White stated that “Chaos” is next in line for a title bout against “Rocky” at the post-match news conference for the fight card on March 18. The 53-year-old went on to explain:

“I’m not sure when we’ll hold it, but that is the match that makes sense, and Colby is deserving of the title shot since he came here, lost weight, and did everything he could to be present for this fight. And that’s without even mentioning that he’s the second or third best guy in the world. Yes, Edwards vs. Covington will follow.”

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