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On the subject of paying the price for underestimating Devin Haney’s punching power, Regis Prograis muses on the situation.


In a recent interview, Regis Prograis said that he previously underestimated the striking strength of Devin Haney.

In what was Haney’s first fight at the 140-pound weight class, Prograis and Haney participated in the fight that took place last night at the Chase Center in San Francisco. The fighter known as “The Dream” delivered an outstanding performance and ensured a resounding victory by overpowering his opponent throughout all twelve rounds of the fight.

As a result of Haney’s victory, he was awarded the WBC light welterweight title and the status of world champion in two different weight classes. The bout was scored 120-107 in favor of Haney by all three judges.

When asked about the battle during the post-fight interview, Prograis stated that he had underestimated his opponent and that Haney had shown him that he was wrong about his power:

It’s true that he’s better than I thought he was, but that motherf***er is really good. No, I’m not going to lie. I’m going to give him credit, I’m going to give credit to Bill, who is Haney’s father, and I’m going to give credit to the Haney crew… Although I’m not going to lie, Devin Haney is more talented than I am… It just seemed like I couldn’t get through to him… I had the impression that he was a weak puncher, yet he is rather powerful.

Regis Prograis opens up about wanting to walk away from boxing

Following his defeat to Devin Haney in the WBC 140-pound championship fight last night, Regis Prograis has expressed his desire to retire from the sport of boxing. During the press conference that took place after the bout, Prograis was asked to remark on his future, and he disclosed that he is interested in making the move into mixed martial arts (MMA).

Prograis is one of the very few boxers who are interested in trying out mixed martial arts (MMA), despite the fact that the majority of mixed martial arts competitors have declared their desire to begin competing in the squared circle. However, before he makes his debut in mixed martial arts, he has set his sights on being a three-time world champion in the 140-pound division:

“Three-time champion, that was something that I did make a mental note of. I want to leave the sport and transition into mixed martial arts (MMA), but before I do that, I want to be a three-time champion first. It’s possible that it’s too soon to do that right now, but I really want to do it. I want to win three times at 140 pounds, and then after that I want to go ahead and switch to mixed martial arts, but first I want to win three times.

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