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On the occasion of the UFC P.I. incident, Ailin Perez expresses her concern for her son and provides specifics of the altercation with Joselyne Edwards.


Over the course of her altercation with Joselyne Edwards, Ailin Perez has disclosed that she was concerned about the well-being of her kid.

Ailin Perez was all over the headlines when she had to be brought to the hospital because of an undisclosed medical ailment at the time of her fight against Lucie Pudilova at UFC Vegas 82 this past weekend. The fight was scheduled to take place this past weekend. In the aftermath of her victory against Pudilova, it came to light that Edwards had assaulted Perez during the UFC Professional Invitational events.

During her most recent appearance on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani, Perez discussed the same topic, telling how she witnessed Edwards staring at her while she was at the UFC P.I.

Ailin Perez elaborated further by stating that Edwards assaulted her after a brief exchange of words between the two of them. It was disclosed by a translator who was there during the presence of the UFC women’s bantamweight fighter named Perez on the show that the fighter was concerned about her child who was being held at the facility. The translator said:

At that very moment, Ailin is thinking about her child and the situation that her child is in at the facility. He wasn’t there in that room but he was waiting for her in the waiting room and that’s when she closes up like this and she feels something, she doesn’t even know what it was but she got hit with a punch or maybe an elbow right here in the middle where she got hit in the eye and that’s when Joselyne jumps on top of her.”

Ailin Perez earned more money on OnlyF*ns than her last fight in the UFC

Sharing exclusive content with her admirers has resulted in huge financial gain for Perez, just as it has for many other people who have joined the content-sharing site OnlyF*ns, which is based on a membership model.

Ailin Perez disclosed this information during the same episode of The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani. She stated that she made more money in a week from OnlyF*ns than she did from her fight against Lucie Pudilova at UFC Vegas 82. During the time that she was announcing that she had surpassed her fight purse by more than $6,000, the Argentine fighter, who was 29 years old, said:

It has been more than $30,000 since [this past] Thursday till the present time. Taking advantage of the OnlyFans is something I do because that is where I am making the majority of my money. Thanks to the funds that I received from OnlyFans, I was able to purchase a vehicle.

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