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Gilbert Burns, a star of the UFC, has offered his support to Vinicius Jr. of Real Madrid in the midst of the racism crisis.


Vinicius Jr., a star forward for Real Madrid, has been the target of racist comments, which has sparked a heated debate over the presence of racism in sports and whether or not the problem is common in Spain.

After a dispute with fans of the Valencia football club at the Mestalla Stadium, where the Brazilian football star said they were directing monkey chants, three persons have been arrested in Spain for their apparent involvement in the Vinicius Jr. racism issue. The incident occurred after the altercation.

After the incident, the President of Brazil, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, issued a statement in which he said that his country “deeply regrets” the passivity of Spanish authorities in the face of the scenario. He also issued a warning against allowing “fascism and racism” to dominate football stadiums.

The controversy has reached far beyond Spain and the field of sports, as demonstrated by the fact that the lights that illuminate the statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro have been lowered as a show of support for the Real Madrid star.

Vinicius Jr. received support from Nike, a multinational firm that specializes in producing athletic equipment and gear. Nike tweeted an image with the following statement in support of Vinicius Jr.

“We are proud to stand with @vinijr”
Gilbert Burns, who competes in the welterweight division of the UFC for Brazil, retweeted the message as a show of support for a fellow Brazilian.

Vinicius Jr. racism: What happened to the Real Madrid star in a recent football match against Valencia?

In a game that Real Madrid was playing against Valencia not so long ago, the Real Madrid team’s key player, Vinicius Jr., was subjected to racial yells and taunting from the Valencia crowd. At away games, Brazilians are frequently exposed to appalling acts of racism, which is really unfortunate.

Vinicius Jr. was subjected to monkey chants while playing for Valencia on Sunday, and as a result, he was sent off in the match, which Valencia won 1-0. This is the most recent event that has brought shame to Spanish football. At the Mestalla, the 22-year-old pointed out racist fans to the referee, and when tensions rose between the two sides, he was sent off for shoving Valencia striker Hugo Duro, despite the fact that he had been gripped by his neck just seconds earlier. When the tensions rose between the two teams, he was sent off for shoving Valencia striker Hugo Duro.

Vinicius Jr.’s eyes welled up with tears as he observed, helpless, as the same thing happened to him once more. The Brazilian player was quite outspoken in his criticism of La Liga and declared that Brazil had come to regard Spain as a “country of racists.”

The Spanish FA made the official announcement that they had overturned the red card that had been given to Vincius Jr. on Tuesday night. They also disclosed that Valencia had been assessed a punishment of €45,000 (about £40,000) for the inappropriate behavior of their supporters and that the stand from which the abusive shouting had emanated will be closed for a total of five games.

The racist incident involving Vinicius Jr. is only one illustration of the prevalent and upsetting nature of racism in La Liga, which is the highest level of professional football played in Spain. The fact that there have been reports of racist remarks, insulting chants, and other acts of discrimination highlights the critical need for more vigorous measures to remove racism in sports. Education, raising awareness, and enforcing a zero-tolerance policy are necessary components for establishing a friendly and secure environment for all fans and participants in La Liga matches.

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