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Conor McGregor has been the subject of negative coverage in the media, but Michael Chandler has responded by saying, “Y’all read headlines” in reference to their upcoming battle.


Michael Chandler is getting ready for his bout against the UFC superstar Conor McGregor, which is scheduled to take place soon. Even though there was some doubt about whether or not the fight would really take place, both Dana White, president of the UFC, and Conor McGregor, an Irish fighter, have confirmed that Michael Chandler will meet them when he returns to the cage.

Most recently, Conor McGregor has been teasing fans about the possibility of his return to action at a later date in this year’s UFC 296 event. The date for the event has been chosen for December 16th, 2023, and it will take place at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

Even though “The Notorious” has stated publicly that he is committed to making a successful comeback and resuming his quest for championship glory, a number of fans have questioned whether or not he would continue to compete in mixed martial arts. Others have expressed worries about the Irishman’s mental state, and the fact that he has recently engaged in periods of binge drinking has only served to stoke these fears further.

Michael Chandler moved to Twitter in order to refute these beliefs and demolish the perception of the media over Conor McGregor’s level of devotion. Chandler stated in his writing that

“There is nothing more striking than hearing a feeling of dedication and enthusiasm from a person whom the majority of people regard to be uncommitted. The truth of the problem is that you all read headlines and generate opinions based on what you read. We belong to a distinct species. You should never discount the power of the human spirit. Mac, I’m looking right at you.”

Conor McGregor vs. Michael Chandler: ‘The Notorious’ issues fresh challenge to Chandler

On Twitter, Conor McGregor has recently issued a new challenge to his possible opponent Michael Chandler. More than two years have passed since the last time McGregor competed inside of an octagon, which was at UFC 264 versus Dustin Poirier. The Irishman suffered a broken leg during the bout, which ultimately led to his defeat by technical knockout.

McGregor sent a threatening tweet directed towards Chandler, making a reference to the steel rod that was implanted in Chandler’s leg following surgery. In a different tweet, he made a joke about Chandler’s ‘Iron’ moniker and made a reference to his motivational talks in a mocking tone. McGregor has written:

“I’m not joking around one bit; the bones at the top of my shoulders are so strong that they can easily smash cheeks, noses, and teeth. It would please me to see them crack someone’s jaw. Isn’t it really insane? It appears as though they are fabricated from some type of steel. The hashtag “#ShouldersMcGregor”

“I have industrial steel in my leg now, and I have long natural steel in the shoulders, elbows, and knuckles of the fist,” he said. “I have industrial steel in my leg now.” I have more than 3/4 steel. And steel has the ability to crush iron. ‘Iron’s facial bones are broken to pieces as a result of this. Put away the iron, you tiny bosu ball motivational speaking handbag, and step away from the stage.

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