Observe how the Thai actress known as “Wondergirl” has the ideal distraction while she is performing those terrible plank workouts.

Nat “Wondergirl” Jaroonsak, a Thai superstar, discovered the ideal approach to divert her attention when she was getting ready for fight night. Although working out at the gym isn’t always enjoyable, she found the perfect escape.

The two-time Thailand national champion enjoys playing the popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game Mobile Legends as a way to divert her attention as she is working to get her physique into the best possible condition.

Are you ready to take your planking skills to the next level? 😏✅ Will Nat “Wondergirl” Jaroonsak emerge triumphant at ONE Fight Night 19 live on Prime Video?

During Nat Jaroonsak’s final trip inside the Circle, which took place at ONE Fight Night 14, she competed against Xiong Jing Nan, the reigning ONE strawweight MMA queen, in a special rules striking bout. It is possible that “Wondergirl” did not succeed in her fight against “The Panda,” but she more than lived up to expectations in the first-of-its-kind competition against one of the most accomplished female fighters in the history of all combat sports.

‘Wondergirl’ welcomes Polish striker Martyna Kierczynska to ONE Championship

‘Wondergirl’ is slated to make her return to the ring at ONE Fight Night 19, which will take place this coming Friday night. Initially, she was supposed to compete against Dayane Cardoso, a star fighter from Brazil. However, ‘Day Monster’ decided to withdraw from the competition, which meant that Jaroonsak was left without a competitor.

Martyna Kierczynska, a player from Poland, was fortunate enough to step up to the plate and accept to take advantage of the opportunity to compete against Jaroonsak on short notice. As part of ONE’s most recent event, which will be streamed on Amazon Prime Video, Kierczynska, who has won gold medals at the World Combat Games, the European Games, and the WMC Pro World Championships, will be making her promotional debut inside the illustrious Lumpinee Boxing Stadium.

The battle will be a Muay Thai match that lasts for three rounds. Jaroonsak will be competing in the art of eight limbs for the very first time since his fight with Jackie Buntan at ONE: Fists of Fury in 2021.

All of the action at ONE Fight Night 19: Haggerty vs. Lobo will be broadcast live during primetime in the United States on February 16, and Amazon Prime Video subscribers in North America will be able to watch it for free.

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