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According to Rodtang, “fans deserve to watch something worth the price of their ticket”: “All I want to do is be myself,” she said.


Because Rodtang Jitmuangnon has always been an entertainer at heart, he always puts on a show throughout his fights. This is one of the reasons why he is so successful in the ring.

The current holder of the ONE flyweight Muay Thai world championship is an amazing showman who has charmed his way into global renown. He did not only win over the fans’ hearts with his raw strength alone; instead, he used his raw power to charm his way into global recognition.

Rodtang loves the punishment and even punches himself just to get the crowd going, which is something that fighters will never let their opponents do to them when they are in the ring with them.

During an interview with CUTZRADIO, “The Iron Man” explained that he engages in his trademark shenanigans on a regular basis because he wants to guarantee that the live spectators receive their money’s worth each and every time he fights.

Rodtang has stated that

“All I want to do is be who I am, and I want to demonstrate to everyone that this is how I really am. Since this is my time, I am free to do whatever I like, including tease and provoke. The prices of the tickets are not low. Fans have a right to see entertainment that justifies the cost of their tickets.

The Thai superstar is a genuine artist when it comes to the martial arts, and he demonstrates this ability both inside and outside of the ring.

The moment his music begins playing, his followers are aware that they are in for a special treat. The instant Rodtang emerges from the pyro, he will weave his way to the ring, and the audience will be dancing to his every step as he makes his way there.

However, while inside the cage, Rodtang’s demeanor shifts from that of a jester to that of an executioner.

Rodtang is a ferocious combatant, and his chin is made of adamantium, which enables him to launch an unending barrage of blows that no human being could possible defend against. Because of his entertaining approach, Rodtang was able to win all of his Muay Thai and kickboxing battles in ONE Championship with a perfect record of 14-0.

Even though he has been unbeatable up to this point, his upcoming bout might be the one in which he finally faces an opponent who is equal to him.

In a monumental fantasy match that will take place on September 22 at the illustrious Lumpinee Boxing Stadium as part of ONE Friday Fights 34, Rodtang will defend the ONE flyweight Muay Thai world title against Superlek Kiatmoo9, who is the ONE flyweight kickboxing world champion.

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