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My goal is to demonstrate to him that he is a nobody. Felipe Lobo has stated that he has not forgiven Jonathan Haggerty for the insults that he made prior to the fight.


In the penultimate bout of ONE Fight Night 19, which will take place in a matter of hours, two of the most accomplished strikers in the world, Felipe Lobo and Jonathan Haggerty, will finally settle their differences.

Lobo, the challenger, sees this as an opportunity to enhance his professional career and go closer to achieving his goal of being the ONE bantamweight Muay Thai world champion.

On the other hand, considering the obvious scorn that ‘Demolition Man’ has for the two-sport monarch, this particular situation is also highly personal for him.

As Lobo and Haggerty were getting ready for their intense five-round fight in the Art of Eight Limbs, they engaged in a series of unpleasant remarks with the intention of getting under one other’s skins.

The pre-event celebrations that took place within Lumpinee Stadium were marked by an increase in the level of antagonism. As was to be expected, both competitors are overjoyed at the prospect of finally settling their disagreements inside the ONE ring.

Please have a look at this raging exchange:

Felipe Lobo has maintained an unwavering attitude throughout the entire ordeal, demonstrating that he is not easily scared by “The General’s mental warfare.”

According to the third-ranked contender in the bantamweight division of Muay Thai, he will not allow Haggerty’s disrespect to go unpunished and will make him pay as soon as possible.

In an interview with CountFilmsTV prior to the OFN19 event, the Brazilian heavyweight boxer revealed the following:

The day that Haggerty fought Fabricio, he referred to me as a “nobody,” and I will never forget it. As a result, I intend to demonstrate to him on Saturday who this nobody is.

Felipe Lobo and Jonathan Haggerty’s bad blood will finally reach a boiling point

It was at ONE Fight Night 16 in the previous year, just after Haggerty knocked out Lobo’s colleague Fabricio Andrade, that the public began to express their desire for this intense fight to take place.

The ring became tense as a result of a conflict that took place between “Demolition Man” and the freshly crowned bantamweight kickboxing world champion.

Felipe Lobo, on the other hand, is adamant that Haggerty was the one who initiated the conflict behind the scenes when they competed on the same event at ONE Fight Night 9.

This is what the spokesperson of Tiger Muay Thai told ONE:

Since the time of my most recent disagreement with Saemapetch, [Haggerty] has been phoning me. Back at the hotel, after my altercation with Saemapetch had come to an end, he passed by me and stated, “I enjoyed watching you fight.” This is your turn.'”
On February 16, ONE Fight Night 19 will be shown live on US Primetime, and it will be free of charge for Prime Video users who are already living in North America.

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