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MMA fighter who died after being shot during a heated brawl in a pub: Incident details


As yet another mixed martial arts fighter passes away, supporters of combat sports can’t seem to get a break from the string of unfortunate events. According to reports, Mauro Chaulet, a professional Brazilian mixed martial arts fighter, was killed by gunfire following a violent encounter with a military police officer.

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It has been claimed that Mauro Chaulet, a former headliner for the LFA, was slain in a confrontation with police in Porto Alegre.
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The argument began in the Auma Bar, which is located in the Floresta neighbourhood in the upper-northern portion of Porto Alegre, and it immediately became more heated after that. After an argument with the soldier, Chaulet reportedly disarmed him and shot him in the groyne area. The report indicates that this took place outside of the soldier’s regular working hours.

The mixed martial arts fighter who was shot was hit in the back of the head, and a woman who was with him was struck twice in the stomach. After attempting to flee the scene in his vehicle, Chaulet collided with a Fiat Palio on the Rua Almirante Barroso street and was then pursued by the police. He was eventually shot dead at the spot.

After undergoing surgery at the Hospital de Pronto Socorro, the military police officer is allegedly no longer in imminent danger of passing away, as reported by a local broadcaster known as Rádio Guabá. Following surgery, the condition of the woman who had Chaulet has likewise been confirmed to be stable.

MMA fighter dies in shootout: Witness versions contradict the incident report

An unnamed witness testified that the conflict was sparked by a disagreement between Mauro Chaulet’s female companion and a lady who was travelling with the military police officer. According to one account, the police officer accidentally shot himself in the leg while the mixed martial arts fighter was attempting to disarm him.

According to the officer who gave chase to Chaulet, the fighter had fired first with the gun that the injured cop had been carrying. Nevertheless, the woman who was with Chaulet asserts that the officers began firing as soon as the vehicle came to a stop, despite the fact that the fighter was unarmed at the time.

The report on the incident included information regarding Mauro Chaulet’s prior run-ins with the law. The athlete, who is 34 years old, has a record of receiving, bodily injury, forgery of documents, embezzlement, and threat; his female partner has a record of receiving, bodily injury, forgery of papers, and embezzlement; and the athlete was a member of a criminal organisation.

Mauro Chaulet has a professional record of 13-9, which included five knockout or technical knockout wins and five submission victories. He has lost his previous three fights, the most recent of which was by knockout to Manoel Sousa in May 2022. He was riding a three-fight losing streak.

The news of Chaulet’s passing comes just a few days after the untimely death of Shalie Lipp, a promising MMA fighter who was 21 years old and died in a car accident.

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