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MMA fighter kills girlfriend and stuffs her body in closet after breakup


Over the years, a number of MMA competitors have run afoul of the law. Yet nothing compares to the nefarious deed Dwayne Herelle Jr. is said to have committed.

Following an altercation outside the woman’s Tennessee home, former MMA fighter Dwayne Herelle Jr. is accused of stabbing his ex-girlfriend 17 times and concealing her body in his closet. He has apparently been charged with murder after allegedly killing 24-year-old Irene Torres outside the house where she lived with her parents on January 29. This information comes from her sister and other news sites.

The victim’s older sister, Reyna Douglas, said on a GoFundMe website that Herelle waited for Torres to get home from work before surprising her. Police discovered that Torres had been stabbed more than 17 times, WKRN reported on Wednesday.

Dwayne Herelle Jr. reportedly competed in two professional MMA fights, both of which he lost. Torres’ body is said to have been dragged into his car before he drove home and hid the body parts in his closet. According to local media, Metro Nashville Police Department Detective Derry Baltimore stated in court that an incident between the two took place soon before the attack. Torres’ blood-stained clothing and handbag, according to Baltimore, were thrown into a dumpster behind a grocery shop by Herelle.

After MMA fighter Dwayne Herelle Jr. killed Irene Torres, her sister spoke out

Irene Torres, 24, was allegedly stabbed outside the Tennessee house where she lived with her parents on January 29 by Dwayne Herelle Jr., 28.

Detectives claim that the couple had a contentious argument the day before, and that the former MMA fighter planned to wreak revenge by waiting for Torres to get home from their bar shift.
Herelle’s sister claims that Torres and Herelle split up a month before Herelle was killed because their relationship was terrible on both a physical and emotional level.

Irene spent some of the final months of her young life being tortured, degraded, scared, and afraid, whereas the majority of 24-year-olds are planning their professions and futures and are upbeat about the world. Irene bravely left her violent relationship, and she was thrilled to begin a new life with the support of her family. However, one month later, she was brutally killed in her front yard.
Added her:

Despite being tortured, mistreated, and living in fear, Irene always had a grin on her face and a compliment to offer, according to those who had the good fortune to get to know her.

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