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Mikey Musumeci anticipates that Jarred Brooks will compete with the aggressiveness of a mixed martial arts fighter when they face each other.


Mikey Musumeci, the kingpin of submission grappling for the flyweight division in ONE Championship, will be defending his world title against a mixed martial arts world champion in his next bout, and he anticipates that it will be the battle of his life.

In the first of two title fights that will take place on ONE Fight Night 13: Allazov vs. Grigorian on Prime Video on August 4, ‘Darth Rigatoni’ will square off against Jarred Brooks, the current holder of the ONE strawweight world championship.

Brooks is making his maiden venture into grappling-exclusive fights, and he is bringing with him world-class wrestling credentials. Brooks is known for his natural aggression both inside and outside of the ring.

“The Monkey God” enjoys using vicious takedowns and slams to ragdoll his opponents, and once they are on the ground, he outmuscles them by applying overwhelming pressure.

Musumeci, for his part, is aware that Brooks will bring an entirely unique set of skills to the table, which will be unlike anything he has encountered with any of his other competitors in the past.

The outstanding mixed martial artist from Evolve MMA disclosed the following in a recent interview with ONE Championship:

“He’s going to reveal himself as a mixed martial arts fighter. He is likely to display a different kind of aggressiveness when he does.”
In his own interview with the promotion based in Singapore, Brooks also indicated his intention to approach this grappling fight with a mentality similar to that of mixed martial arts (MMA), so it appears that Musumeci’s predictions are accurate.

So far, Musumeci has bested other jiu-jitsu savants like Masakazu Imanari, Cleber Souza, Osamah Almarwai, and Sambo specialist Gantumur Bayanduuren.

Brooks may not have the same grappling credentials as Musumeci’s prior opponents, but he does have eight wins via submission in MMA. Despite this, Musumeci should not underestimate Brooks.

Mikey Musumeci has been an inaccessible mystery up until now, and we’ll soon find out if Jarred Brooks is the person who can solve this insoluble conundrum and unlock its secrets.

Lumpinee Stadium in Bangkok will serve as the host location for ONE Fight Night 13, which will be broadcast live. Existing Prime Video users in North America will be able to watch the entire event at no additional cost.

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