Mikey Musumeci was motivated by the ‘energy’ that he felt at PK Saenchai Gym in Thailand: “They were all rubbing up against each other”

A master of submission grappling from the United States Recent travels to Thailand allowed Mikey Musumeci to participate in Muay Thai training at the world-famous PK Saenchai Gym. In particular, he like the vibe that permeated the training facility, which was one in which everyone was consistently attempting to improve their performance.

As part of his quest to broaden his horizons as a martial artist and acquire new skills, the current holder of the ONE flyweight submission grappling world championship was training at the illustrious gym. There, he was able to train with both up-and-coming fighters like Superbon Singha Mawynn and Nong-O Hama, as well as more experienced competitors like Nong-O Hama.

Mikey Musumeci stated that the experience, despite the fact that it was challenging for him to train in Muay Thai, was nonetheless meaningful and enlightening for him.

During an interview with onefc.com, he stated:

“When I was living in Thailand for the past two months, my favorite thing to do was to hang out at PK Saenchai because it was full of up-and-coming, young, hungry fighters, and they were all at the gym grinding together.””So whenever I was there, I would feel their energy, which was that of a grinding, tough feeling.”

Mikey Musumeci has begun training in Muay Thai, but he has no plans to switch lanes anytime soon. Instead, he hopes to maintain his position as the submission grappling leader in his division, despite the fact that he has begun training in Muay Thai.

In September of the previous year, he earned the title of world champion by claiming victory over Cleber Sousa of Brazil via unanimous decision. To this point, he has successfully defended his championship three times. The most recent one took place in August, and it was an all-champion superfight between him and ONE strawweight mixed martial arts king Jarred Brooks. He won by submission.

After that, he went on to get another submission victory in October, this time against the legendary grappler Shinya Aoki of Japan, who was competing in an openweight grappling showcase.

Mikey Musumeci is currently searching for his next opponent, and he has his sights set on a superfight alongside fellow ONE grappling champions Kade and Tye Ruotolo in addition to a Brazilian contender named Diogo Reis.

He is also resolved to use the notoriety he has gained from competing in ONE Championship to promote the continued development of jiu-jitsu in a variety of countries throughout the world.

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