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Mikey Musumeci responds to Aljamain Sterling’s remarks on the current status of BJJ by saying, “I’m sick of hearing people complain about pulling guard.”


Kevin Dantzler was the opponent that Aljamain Sterling faced up against at the grappling event that was held at Fury Pro 8 a few days ago.

In spite of the fact that ‘Funk Master’ is considered to possess some of the most deadly Brazilian jiu-jitsu in the UFC, he was unsuccessful in his grappling encounter against Dantzler. The opponent of Sterling chose to pull guard from the very beginning of the match, which resulted in the match not having much action.

The attempts made by the former UFC champion to get beyond his opponent’s guard were not sufficient in the eyes of the judges, and Dantzler was awarded a decision victory despite the fact that he came rather close to clinching an armbar during the fight.

Sterling did not waste any time in expressing his opinions over Dantzler’s strategy, and he criticized his opponent for putting his guard up right from the beginning of the battle.

On the other hand, Mikey Musumeci, the flyweight submission grappling champion for ONE Championship, has answered to Aljamain Sterling. When he wanted to share his opinions, “Darth Rigatoni” took to Instagram and posted the following:

In jiu-jitsu, I’m so sick of hearing people whine about pulling guard and butt-scooting. I’m frustrated beyond measure. First things first, I’m going to say that this is a sport version of jiu-jitsu. Jiu-jitsu is a sport that does not involve any striking. It goes without saying that you are not going to pull guard in a real battle that takes place on the street, on concrete. On the other hand, the objective of the sport of jiu-jitsu is to be able to submit the opponent as quickly as possible.

He went on to say:

Jiu-jitsu practitioners are terrible in wrestling. A D1 wrestler will be able to defeat the majority of jiu-jitsu competitors in wrestling… Guard pulling is the process of attempting to achieve submissions, which is the objective… It is not what you want us to do; you do not want us to pull guard or butt-scoot away. Okay, we’ll take you down. Where do we find ourselves in the end? As if we had pulled guard, we find ourselves at the bottom of the heap.

When is Aljamain Sterling returning to the octagon?

The last time Aljamain Sterling faced off against Sean O’Malley was at UFC 292, which took place in August of 2023. ‘Sugar’ was proclaimed the new bantamweight champion after knocking out Sterling in the first round of the main event of the card, which saw the two fighters competing against each other.

Prior to the UFC 292 event, ‘Funk Master’ announced that his fight against O’Malley might be the last time he competes at the 135-pound weight class. The previous champion has been forthright about the challenges he faces in reducing his weight to the bantamweight limit, and he has announced that he will be going up a weight division for his next fight.

The highly anticipated UFC 300 program will take place in April, and Sterling will be competing against Calvin Kattar, a contender for the featerweight division. Sterling will be hoping to recover from his loss of the belt. This will be the very first time that the American who was born in Jamaica competes at the featherweight division in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

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