Mikey Musumeci claims that it is an honor to use the Aoki Lock on Shinya Aoki, who is considered to be the ‘founder’ of the lock: “This is one of my most significant victories.”

In the fight that took place over the weekend at ONE Fight Night 15, the novice defeated the veteran. When Mikey Musumeci submitted the renowned Shinya Aoki inside Lumpinee Stadium in Bangkok, he once again stunned many spectators and left many with their jaws on the ground.

The current holder of the ONE flyweight submission grappling world championship did not only win against an opponent who was significantly larger than he was, but he also did so in spectacular fashion by using Aoki’s own hallmark move against him.

The ‘Aoki Lock,’ a modified variant of the straight ankle lock, was the move that Musumeci used to successfully take the Japanese icon down.

Due to the fact that it contorts the legs in an opposite direction, it might be considered an inside heel hook thanks to the inventive twist that Aoki added to it.

However, the Japanese celebrity, who is now 40 years old, discovered that he was on the receiving end of the terrible hold that ‘Darth Rigatoni’ had applied.

After the match, Mikey Musumeci gave Shinya Aoki credit for being a major source of motivation for him during his illustrious career in Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

The American prodigy won the IBJJF World Championship a total of five times before he became one of the most prominent figures in grappling to compete under the ONE Championship banner. The majority of Musumeci’s victories came from his favored combination, which consisted of a straight ankle lock and a “Aoki Lock.”

During his post-event interview with the media for ONE Fight Night 15, he stated the following:

“I would say that this is one of my most significant victories because I was able to do the Aoki Lock, which is one of my favorite positions in modern jujitsu, against Shinya, who was the person who created the position. [It’s] a position that I employed when I competed in the gi, and it’s one that I used to win a lot of world titles, and that position is the straight foot lock. The Aoki Lock is a form of the straight foot lock that is distinguished by its name.

When Musumeci fell toward Aoki’s shoulder after trapping his toes in his armpit, he displayed a level of technical skill that was commensurate with the level of the technique. In addition to tapping out quickly, the former ONE featherweight MMA world champion paid respect to Musumeci as they were in the process of competing.

“Darth Rigatoni” adds the following:

“So, I feel like the mastery of this position, you can’t get any more mastery of the position than doing it on the creator of the position, right?”

Watching the replay of ONE Fight Night 15, which can be found on the official YouTube channel for ONE Championship, will allow you to relive Mikey Musumeci’s spectacular finish.

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