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Mike Majlak replies with dignity to Dillon Danis’ uncalled-for strike at his history of drug use, but the boxer maintains his composure throughout the exchange.


The increasing enmity between Dillon Danis and Logan Paul in the build up to their highly anticipated boxing showdown on October 14 has been a spectacle in its own right for many people. The fight between the two of them is scheduled to take place on October 14.

However, the competition has also taken an ugly turn in terms of its advertising, as Dillon Danis has openly targeted Nina Agdal, who is engaged to Logan Paul, by publishing personal images from her previous relationships. This behavior has caused significant indignation, as well as charges of slandering the victim.

Dillon Danis has not ceased his harassment of Logan Paul online despite the fact that Paul is rumored to have sent him a letter demanding that he halt his attacks. In the midst of all of this, Mike Majlak, who is one of the hosts of the popular podcast ‘IMPAULSIVE’ together with Logan Paul, posed a question regarding Danis’ preparation for the forthcoming fight. This question emerges as a result of Danis’ strong presence on social media, which raises concerns about the amount of attention he pays to his training. On X (formerly known as Twitter), Majlak wrote the following:

“Bro, how are you supposed to be in shape if you spend all day tweeting? I am fully aware that you intend to apply all of this X earnings toward satisfying the withdrawal clause payment.
In retaliation, Danis delivered a low blow by making a reference to Majlak’s previous battles with drug addiction and stating (trigger warning: viewer discretion is advised):

“You are Logan Paul’s cu*rag in every sense of the word. Put your foot down and shut your mouth before I start picking on you so much that you start using heroin again.

However, Mike Majlak answered with surprising grace, confessing his former opiate issue from 13 years ago. This is a fight that unfortunately many people in the United States confront. His response was:

“You’re right, Dillon. Back 13 years ago, I struggled with an opiate addiction, much like a tragic number of other people in the United States. It is a problem that is only getting worse, but not nearly enough attention is being paid to it. I am pleased with myself for having prevailed over it and for serving as an example to the millions of others who are still afflicted.

Watch: Adin Ross reacts to Dillon Danis’ alleged controversial photo of Logan Paul’s fiancee

During a recent livestream, Dillon Danis reiterated his claim that he has in possession of an image of Nina Agdal that might be devastating to her reputation. Agdal is engaged to WWE star Logan Paul. As part of their continuous animosity, Danis has decided to insult Agdal’s character by making snide comments and making character assassination attempts.

During the live broadcast, Danis revealed the claimed image to Adin Ross. Adin Ross looked obviously disturbed by the content of the photos, which seemed to verify Danis’ comments regarding the possible impact of the photograph.

Check out Ross’s responses in the following:

On October 14, 2023, an exhibition boxing contest between Logan Paul and Dillon Danis, a welterweight contender for Bellator, is set to take place in the Manchester Arena in England. The bout will consist of six rounds.

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