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Michael Chandler’s attempt to make fun of Conor McGregor’s career continues to fail as supporters continue to highlight the Irishman’s achievements. “Guy with roid gut speaking”


Conor McGregor’s recent announcement that he will fight Michael Chandler at 185 pounds has led ‘Iron’ to restart his social media feud with the Irishman. Chandler is going to be the opponent in the bout. On the other hand, his most recent attempt to smear the legacy of the Irishman has been met with opposition by spectators of the fight.

The former Bellator lightweight champion, who had won the title three times, attempted to make fun of McGregor by implying that he was a weight bully in the beginning of his career in a post that was published on X.

“Don’t forget who was a natural featherweight who started his UFC career fighting cherry-picked bantamweights.”

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The dig made by the 37-year-old failed to have the effect it was meant for it to have; rather, it infuriated fight fans, who then flooded his comments section with their support for the Irishman.

Look at some of the responses from fans down below:

Russgoat 04 made fun of Michael Chandler by saying the following:

“Guy with roid gut speaking.”
Reasoning from @squire31:

“Mike, I love you, but Conor has knocked out two of the guys you’ve lost to. I say this because I hate you. “I am aware that mixed martial arts (MMA) math does not always add up correctly, but you could do a better job than that tweet.”

As stated by @charboneau420:

“Don’t forget who was double champ.”
This was what @Blokz7 had to say:

“Don’t forget who’s had five UFC fights and lost three of them.”
As stated by @danielshannon32:

“Come on, Mike, don’t get bitter.”
As said by @SportsAnalyzed:

“Chandler has only defeated Tony Ferguson and Dan Hooker,” said the speaker. He is a level higher than both of them, Conor. There is going to be a lot of competition.”
@gestaltzerfoul as pointed out:

The war was given to you by Eddie Alvarez. Conor engaged in childish antics with him. the levels”
After that, @Ashwani2394 jumped in and said:

It is not appropriate to make fun of him because he knocked out the unbeaten Jose Aldo.He continues to be among the very finest.
As said by @CsMo0vies14:

This is the original double champion. Don’t forget.”
Observation made by @sentiijatt:

“Remember who has reached for UFC gold and who has not,” the coach said.

Conor McGregor announces date for long-awaited return against Michael Chandler

A date for Conor McGregor’s comeback to action has finally been disclosed, putting an end to months of speculation about the matter. In a post that was published on X on the New Year’s holiday, the Irishman disclosed that he will be competing in Las Vegas during the International Fight Week.

Mcgregor referred to his reunion as “the greatest comeback of all time,” and he added the following:

Please, ladies and gentlemen, All of you have a wonderful New Year! It is with great pleasure that I share the news that the return date for myself, ‘The Notorious’ Conor McGregor, for the greatest comeback in the history of the sport will take place in Las Vegas at International Fight Week on June 29th… and the opponent will be Michael Chandler.
The following is a compilation of Conor McGregor’s remarks regarding his battle versus Michael Chandler:

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In addition, the previous champion of two different weight classes proclaimed, with a fit of insane laughing, that the bout will take place at 185 pounds, which is considered to be middleweight. The weight of this fight would be the heaviest that either of these two guys have ever fought in their entire careers.

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