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Message regarding Shavkat Rakhmanov’s UFC contract is delivered to Dana White by Rakhmanov’s sister.


Shavkat Rakhmonov has only been competing for the UFC for a short period of time, but he has already established himself as a formidable competitor in the promotion’s welterweight category. It would appear, however, that his fighting ability was passed down to his sister, Sora Rakhmonova, who is now creating a name for herself in the world of combat sports.

Following the remarkable victory that she had on Friday, Rakhmonova published a post on Instagram that included a video excerpt from her most recent match. The 24-year-old fighter posed a cryptic question to the president of the UFC, Dana White, in the caption of the photo, asking about the possibility of signing a fight contract.

Rakhmonov did the same thing on social media to show her support for her sister. A video of Rakhmonova’s bout was tweeted out with a remark from “Nomad” saying that she will be competing in the UFC very soon.

Shavkat “Nomad” Rakhmonov is the subject of this article.
Shavkat “Nomad” Rakhmonov @Rakhmonov1994 UFC coming @danawhite @Mickmaynard2 twitter.com/Grabaka_Hitman… caposa caposa @Grabaka_Hitman
Sora Rakhmonova, the sister of Shavkhat, demonstrated that a propensity for aggression runs in the family by obtaining a second round technical knockout victory over Valeria Karygina. Similar to her brother in being a nasty fighter when cornered. #NAIZAFC51 3569 191

Rakhmonova recently participated at the Almaty Arena on May 26. The venue is located in Almaty, Kazakhstan. At NFC 51, she competed against Valeria Karygina in a bantamweight bout. Her opponent was named Karygina. In the second round of the battle, Rakhmonova plowed through her opponent and finished her off with strikes after overwhelming her.

Rakhmonova kicked off her professional mixed martial arts (MMA) career in January 2021; nevertheless, she has already competed in five MMA bouts and has emerged victorious in four of those contests. Three of the 24-year-old’s victories (two knockouts and one submission) came through finish (two knockouts and one submission respectively).

If Rakhmonova is successful in getting signed to the UFC, it will be the first time that a sibling team, consisting of a brother and a sister, will compete against one another at the same time in the multi-billion dollar promotion.

Shavkat Rakhmonov has an opponent in mind for his next fight

Shavkat Rakhmonov, a rising contender who is currently undefeated in the UFC, has been dominating his opponents in the promotion and has done so while maintaining his perfect record. “Nomad” has a perfect record of 17 wins and 0 losses in his mixed martial arts career, with five of those wins coming in the UFC. Rakhmonov has already defeated notable competitors such as Neil Magny and Geoff Neal despite just having a short career in this promotion.

It would appear that the 28-year-old fighter has his sights set on another UFC veteran at this point. Kelvin Gastelum made the announcement following his victory over Chris Curtis at UFC 287 that he will be cutting his weight class to 170 pounds for his further bouts.

OnAmission4Gold #OnAmission4Gold @KelvinGastelum

An official announcement has been made!! 4224 218
Shavkat Rakhmonov took note of the post and proposed that “Nomad” himself extend a warm welcome to Kelvin Gastelum upon his return to the welterweight division.

Shavkat “Nomad” Rakhmonov is the subject of this article.
Shavkat “Nomad” Rakhmonov @Rakhmonov1994
Should I be the one to greet Kelvin once he has returned to 170? @danawhite @seanshelby Thanks, guys! twitter.com/kelvingastelum… #OnAmission4Gold #OnAmission4Gold @KelvinGastelum
An official announcement has been made!! 5486 206
It would be a challenging effort for Gastelum to reduce his weight to 170 pounds and then immediately compete against the contender ranked number six. However, taking into account his previous performance against Curtis, there is a strong probability that the bout will turn out to be an exciting spectacle.

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