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Max Holloway expresses his concern for Colby Covington as the latter reaffirms his statements regarding Leon Edwards’ “criminal” father.


During the post-fight media scrum, Colby Covington doubled down on his comments directed at Leon Edwards’ late father. As a result, featherweight legend Max Holloway is sure that ‘Chaos’ is in desperate need of assistance.

A homicide occurred when Edwards’ late father was shot outside of a nightclub while the UFC star was only 13 years old. Edwards’ father was a victim of a homicide. His father was allegedly involved in illegal operations, according to the British.

The former interim welterweight champion made a reprehensible remark about his opponent’s father on the media day for the pay-per-view event, which prompted ‘Rocky’ to lash out in a fit of rage.

On the other hand, later on during their confrontation, Covington explained to his opponent that he was only acting in character at the press conference, implying that the remarks were not intended to be taken as a personal attack.

Amidst all of this, the 35-year-old individual once again made snide remarks about Edwards’ father during the press conference that took place after the fight. It was him who said:

When it comes to a person who has influenced and caused harm to a great number of people’s lives, why would I feel compassion for a sex trafficker? Not at all; I don’t feel any remorse about that at all. Allow us to discuss all of the victims that he has left behind, who are currently enduring the anguish and upheaval that he has caused in the lives of these individuals. I not in the least bit feel awful. For what reason would I feel sorry for a criminal?

Max Halloway was perplexed by the abrupt change in Covington’s temperament, which occurred despite the fact that he appeared to be attempting to put the past behind him during the face-off. On a social media post, he posted the following:

“This guy is a completely different animal. Do this if he claims that he was acting in character during the weigh-ins. The human race is in desperate need of assistance.

Colby Covington believes he defeated Leon Edwards at UFC 296

At the conclusion of UFC 296, Leon Edwards emerged victorious by way of a unanimous decision, demonstrating his superiority against Colby Covington in every round except for the last one. ‘Chaos’ has a strange belief that he won the bout, despite the fact that the scorecards show a significant disparity between the two competitors.

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In UFC interview with Joe Rogan that took place inside the octagon, the title challenger made the following statement in order to explain the reasoning behind his peculiar claim:

My body did not sustain any injuries during this combat. This is the least difficult battle I’ve ever faced in my entire life. The struggle seemed to go in my favor. Perceptiveness is the key to success. I promise that I shall return even more powerful than before.
Take a look at the comments made by Colby Covington below (1:44):

Furthermore, during the press conference that took place after the fight, Covington made the ridiculous assertion that the judges had ruled against him during the fight because of his well-known association with former President Donald Trump.

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