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Mark Hunt asserts that he was “blacklisted” by mixed martial arts (MMA) promotions as a result of a lawsuit filed by the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).


Former UFC heavyweight Mark Hunt feels that he was ignored by a number of mixed martial arts (MMA) promoters as a result of his lawsuit against the UFC.

It is well known that “The Super Samoan” is a legend in mixed martial arts (MMA) due to his run in both PRIDE and the UFC. Hunt was highly renowned for his knockout power and was anointed by fans as the king of the walk-off knockout. Despite the fact that he never became a world champion due to his professional record of 13-14, he was a knockout power champion.

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Due to the lawsuit that Hunt filed against the Ultimate Fighting Championship in 2016, his career in the UFC is frequently disregarded by the MMA promotion, despite the fact that he may have been a well-known character among fans.

At the notorious UFC 200 event, Hunt competed against Brock Lesnar and initially experienced defeat at the hands of a majority decision. Following the revelation that Lesnar had tested positive for performance-enhancing substances, the outcome was subsequently altered to a no-contest.

Afterwards, the native of New Zealand filed a lawsuit after the fight, in which he alleged that the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and Dana White were aware that Lesnar was taking prohibited substances, but they nevertheless sanctioned the event. In the year 2023, a judge completely and irrevocably dismissed Hunt’s complaint, which had been pending in court for seven years.

In a recent interview that was broadcast on the podcast From the Stands, Hunt provided some insight into his career after leaving the UFC. According to Hunt, he was never offered another promotion because other firms were “scared” to work with him after he had already been promoted. He elaborated as follows:

I was trying to get a match with a number of different promos, but I just couldn’t get one. Probably, I was placed on a blacklist. Because of the case, I believe that people were too afraid to touch me with their hands.

Mark Hunt reveals he was offered millions to throw a fight in Australia

Mark Hunt recently disclosed that he was once given a seven-figure money to intentionally lose a fight. This information was disclosed by Mark Hunt.

During his appearance on The MMA Hour the previous week, the former heavyweight champion of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) remembered a time when he was requested to take a dive, but he denied the request. He claimed that an Australian organization had offered him millions of dollars to lose a fight against a rising star, but he quickly turned down the offer since it went against everything he believes in and stands for.

To quote Hunt:

“I was offered three or four million dollars to take a dive in a fight here in Australia, and I responded by asking, ‘Are you serious?'” ‘No!’ I responded. Because I am not someone like that. Despite the fact that I might have used the money on something else, I was going through a bad patch at the time… Not only would I have been able to make do with three or four million dollars, but that is not my personality, and it is not who I am. [With thanks to The Mixed Martial Arts Hour]

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