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“Making sure she wasn’t one of Belal Muhammad’s spies” is the comment that has caused the internet to be in a state of disbelief after Leon Edwards’ unexpected query to Nina-Marie Daniele.


The surprising question that Leon Edwards asked Nina-Marie Daniele has garnered funny responses from a significant number of people in the mixed martial arts industry.

Leon ‘Rocky’ Edwards, a mixed martial arts fighter from the United Kingdom who was born in Jamaica, is currently the reigning UFC welterweight champion. At the other end of the spectrum, Nina-Marie Daniele is a social media influencer from the United States. Due to the fact that she primarily conducts interviews with UFC competitors, Daniele has established herself as a well-known mixed martial arts figure since the year 2022.

In a recent interview, Edwards inquired about Daniele’s ethnicity by asking the following questions:

“Merely who are you? “Are you of Arabs?”
A response was given by Nina-Marie Daniele, who mentioned that she is originally from the United States of America. It was announced that the Playboy Playmate of the Year for 2018 was:

“No, I’m American.”
Again, Edwards posed a question that was very similar. According to the native of Birmingham,

“Yeah, but, like, what’s your background?”
The next thing that Daniele disclosed was that she is of French and Italian origin. This is what the social media influencer believed:

“Italian. French-Italian.”
Check out the remarks that Edwards and Daniele have made below:

Enlarge the Tweet

A further response from the mixed martial arts community was made in response to Leon Edwards’ unexpected question to Nina-Marie Daniele. Fans made a joke by noting that another mixed martial arts (MMA) star from the United Kingdom, Tom Aspinall, who was the interim heavyweight champion of the UFC, had also recently asked Daniele a question that was somewhat unexpected.

In addition, a number of people on X made a joking suggestion that ‘Rocky’ might be socially inept and that he was merely representing fans of his kind with the strange question.

In addition, a few of fans made reference to Edwards’ competition with Belal Muhammad, an American UFC welterweight who is of Palestinian origin. They made a joke about how Edwards would have left the interview if Daniele had disclosed that she was of Arab heritage before the interview. According to a tweet from a supporter, Edwards most likely had the suspicion that Daniele was Muhammad’s spy:

What’s next for Leon Edwards after UFC 296?

At UFC 296 on December 16, 2023, Leon Edwards successfully defended his UFC welterweight belt by defeating Colby Covington by way of a unanimous decision. This victory took place during Edwards’ most recent bout. On the other side of the octagon, Edwards’ old adversary, Belal Muhammad, was watching the clash. One of the most notable responses to Edwards’ triumph was the show “Remember the Name,” which referred to both him and Covington as “b*ms.”

Below you will find Muhammad’s remark directed against Edwards and Covington:

In March of 2021, welterweight contender Leon Edwards challenged Belal Muhammad in a battle that ultimately resulted in a No Contest (NC). This was due to the fact that Muhammad was rendered incapable of fighting after receiving an eye poke from ‘Rocky’. Since that time, they have been at crossroads. Muhammad rose through the ranks of the welterweight division while Edwards was able to win the welterweight championship in August of 2022.

Over the course of his career, Belal Muhammad has been persistently advocating for a title fight against “Rocky.” At the moment, neither fighter’s subsequent bout has been recognized by the official announcement. Edwards, for his part, stated that he was not interested in fighting Muhammad in the future during the press conference that took place after the bout at UFC 296, which was held yesterday. According to the welterweight champion,

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