Logan and Jake Paul were able to put an end to the heated dispute regarding who is the superior fighter.

Logan Paul and Jake Paul have finally put an end to the heated argument regarding who is the superior boxer.

A number of social media influencers have made their way into the world of boxing over the course of the past few years. When it comes to them, the Paul brothers are considered to be the most prominent names.

On the other hand, ‘Maverick’ has only competed in two professional boxing bouts, in addition to an amateur and an exhibition fight. In contrast, ‘The Problem Child’ has gone on to achieve a professional boxing record of 8-1.

Although he did not engage in nearly as much physical activity as his brother, Logan Paul was always of the opinion that he was the superior boxer. Both of the brothers experienced a great deal of discord as a result of the same thing. On the other hand, it appears that ‘Maverick’ has had a change of heart and now believes that ‘The Problem Child’ is the more talented fighter of the two.

Following Jake Paul’s knockout victory over Andre August in the first round, the Paul brothers sat down for a recent episode of BS with Jake Paul which was shown on ESPN. The question of whether or not ‘Maverick’ still believes that he is the superior boxer out of the two was posed to him when they were talking about a variety of issues. He responded by saying:

“No, f*ck no, do not”I actually stopped thinking about it maybe a couple of months before my last fight, but I was promoting at the time.

Jake Paul eyes a potential fight against Canelo Alvarez in the next 24 months

Since the time when Jake Paul first entered the world of boxing, he has been quite open about his desire to compete against Canelo Alvarez. He has expressed his desire to face Alvarez. Despite the fact that a prospective fight between the two appeared to be improbable in the past, it is now a possibility because to Paul’s ability to organize major events and his solid expertise in the ring.

‘The Problem Child’ had the following to say regarding his upcoming fight against Canelo Alvarez, which he discussed in an interview with MMA Fighting before to his contest against Andre August during the previous weekend:

On the whole, I believe it to be quite realistic. Canelo [Alvarez] is a shrewd businessman, and at the end of the day, all he wants to do is compete in massive fights and provide enormous entertainment items. Some people might think that sounds crazy, but he is a sensible businessman.In addition, my skill set is getting better each and every day. A battle between Canelo and Jake Paul is something that I see happening over the next twenty-four months. This is the reason why I engage in fights like this one: to challenge actual professional fighters so that I may eventually challenge more difficult opponents.

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