Liam Nolan had a premonition from the beginning that Jonathan Haggerty would achieve great things because “He was better than most.”

Jonathan Haggerty, the current and defending ONE bantamweight Muay Thai world champion, has possessed both star power and the ‘It’ factor ever since he first competed.

Since the beginning of their time together at Knowlesy Academy in England, his longstanding training partner and fellow ONE Championship competitor Liam Nolan has seen that ‘The General’ is head and shoulders above the other athletes in the gym.

The legendary Lumpinee Stadium in Bangkok will play host to ONE Fight Night 16: Haggerty vs. Andrade on Prime Video on November 3, and the event will feature two of the most exciting strikers to come out of the United Kingdom in recent memory. Haggerty and Andrade.

In the main event, Haggerty will compete against Fabricio Andrade for the right to become the next ONE bantamweight kickboxing champion. Haggerty will be looking to become the first fighter in history to win a world title in two different combat sports simultaneously.

In contrast, Nolan will be competing in a three-round lightweight Muay Thai thriller, and he will be aiming to exact revenge for a prior defeat at the hands of local favorite Sinsamut Klinmee.

Before he goes off to fight alongside his brother-in-arms, Nolan notes that Haggerty’s enormous success isn’t something that caught him off guard in the least. After all, the 26-year-old athlete was meant to go very far in the sport even from a very young age.

In an exclusive interview with ONE Championship, Liam Nolan stated the following:

“Right off the bat, I was able to tell that he was unique. He was superior to the majority. Working out with him made it quite clear, and it does not come as a shock to any of us that all of this success has come his way.
When Jonathan Haggerty first emerged on the ONE Championship scene, he had already worked his way up through the ranks of the flyweight Muay Thai division and established himself as the undisputed champion of the weight class.

When he went up to the bantamweight division and defeated what was seen to be an invincible opponent at the time, his legend only rose. At ONE Fight Night 9 in April of 2016, Haggerty bravely took on the formidable Nong-O Hama and delivered one of the most stunning upsets in the annals of “The Art of Eight Limbs.”

Nolan, on the other hand, has always been aware that his close friend Haggerty possessed such potential, and he is confident that Haggerty will achieve even more success in the years to come.

The sixteenth edition of ONE Fight Night will be broadcast live and free of charge on US Primetime for all Prime Video customers in North America.

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