Liam Harrison is overjoyed to be “ahead of schedule,” which should lead to a return in October at the earliest.

Liam “Hitman” Harrison, a living legend from England and a former challenger for the ONE bantamweight Muay Thai world title, is getting closer and closer to making his eagerly anticipated comeback to action.

The veteran of combat sports and Muay Thai, who is 37 years old, suffered a knee injury when competing for the world title in 2022 against the great Nong-O Hama, who was the champion at the time. After attempting non-invasive treatments for the injury for a period of several months, he ultimately made the decision in the beginning of this year to get surgery.

It turned discovered that he tore his anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), which would require him to undergo months of healing and therapy. As a result, he has been sidelined and out of action since February.

In a video that was just uploaded to Harrison’s official YouTube channel, he shared with his audience his excitement at being able to report that he is, in fact, ahead of schedule in his rehabilitation and that he should be back in the ring doing what he does best in a matter of days or weeks at the most.

The ‘Hitman’, who is 37 years old, stated:

“I’m already a little ahead of schedule. They informed me that I wouldn’t be able to train effectively until the ninth month.
Check out the complete interview down below:

Harrison is not the type of person to accept defeat easily. In spite of the injury, he has made a concerted effort to maintain an active lifestyle. On occasion, he has even trained his boxing combinations while seated, in addition to engaging in other novel forms of exercise.

However, it appears that Harrison is now capable of standing on his own two feet and can begin a full-fledged training camp in the near future. Fans of Harrison also have reason to be optimistic, since “Hitman” reports that the boxer is planning to make his comeback in October against an opponent who has not yet been identified.

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