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Liam Harrison discloses that he has been getting ‘pretty good’ at improvising his training, and that this has been helping him.


Liam Harrison has been participating in martial arts for nearly twenty years, but he is showing no signs of slowing down.

The ‘Hitman’ is still motivated to continue working on his total skill set, honing his weapons, and putting on a show for the audience in order to encourage others, despite the fact that he has competed in more than 100 fights over his career. He is still competing at a high level.

His activity across all of his social media channels over the course of the past year provides the most compelling proof for this claim.

Harrison sustained an injury when defending his ONE bantamweight Muay Thai title against Nong-O Hama at ONE on Prime Video 1. As a result of this incident, Harrison has been sidelined and cannot compete currently.

Throughout the course of his drawn-out recuperation, the Brit has demonstrated that he is unable to merely watch from the sidelines by making every effort to maintain his membership at the fitness center.

‘The Hitman’ has continued to keep himself in fighting shape, doing what he can to train without hindering his recovery process while at the same time aiding other fighters who work out at his gym and sharing his experience and tricks of the trade.

Liam Harrison demonstrated that he is not going anywhere, despite having suffered a major leg injury, when he discussed the modifications that he has made to his training in order to keep active. These modifications were discussed in an interview that was posted on YouTube and conducted by LastBSTN.

The striker for Leeds remarked:

“Okay, so my boxing trainer and I have been going at it on the bag with some pads, and do you know what? I’m getting fairly good at it. When you’re seated down, rotating, and doing stuff like that, you have the ability to get some very powerful hooks and overhands. I’m not going crazy, it’s a lot of fun, and I only do it a couple of times a week so that I can maintain some sort of aerobic foundation level.”

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