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“Let’s see if he’s a b**ch” – Influencer boxer Slim Albaher calls out KSI, claims ‘The Nightmare’ is ducking him


Slim Albaher, a YouTuber and influencer boxer, has called out KSI and asserted that ‘The Nightmare’ had successfully avoided a battle with him on two separate occasions.

Slim holds the title of light heavyweight champion for the Misfits and has not suffered a single defeat in the squared circle to this point. Following victories over notable competitors such as FaZe Temperrr, FOUSEY, and Tom Zanetti, the New York native’s most significant victory of his career occurred during the MF x DAZN Prime Card matchup versus Salt Papi.

During a fight that was both incredibly entertaining and back-and-forth, the two boxers, who are largely considered to be two of the finest influential boxers, went to war with one another. Salt Papi would finally be knocked out by Slim in the fourth round, which would ultimately result in Slim claiming victory.

In light of the fact that he has defeated the majority of the other competitors in his division, the thirty-year-old fighter has requested a fight against KSI. The most recent fight that the British YouTube celebrity participated in was against Tommy Fury, and he was defeated by a unanimous decision on the night.

After suffering a loss against ‘TNT,’ ‘The Nightmare’ said that he would be taking a break from the sport for a period of time. On the other hand, Slim Albaher asserts that the reason KSI has chosen to take a break from boxing is because he does not wish to compete against him.

Slim has indicated, with the assistance of @HappyPunch on X (which was formerly known as Twitter), that KSI’s absence from the sport corresponds to the second time that he has avoided fighting him. It was him who said:

As a result of my ‘ducking’ Salt Papi, KSI referred to me as a boor! Let’s find out if he is a b*tch for ducking me not just once, but twice at the same time.

IShowSpeed reveals how a punch from KSI left him winded

YouTube personalities KSI and IShowSpeed competed against one another in a sparring match with the purpose of raising money for charity on December 15.

Millions of people watched the competition, and it brought in a significant amount of money for charitable causes. Throughout the course of the competition, “The Nightmare” displayed his expertise by deftly making fun of his adversary and dropping him on many occasions.

After their fight, Speed went live with his audience to provide an analysis of the fight. During his analysis, he highlighted the moment when he was struck with a body shot that caused him to fall to the ground. According to the YouTuber, the punch was so powerful that it momentarily rendered him unable to allow himself to “breathe.”

It was him who said:

“He hit me like right there [pointing to his abdomen], and I was unable to breathe,” she said afterwards. I was unable to take a breath. The sensation was as if all of the oxygen had just been expelled from my body, and I was thinking to myself, “I just exhaled like that.” As far as I can tell, it was as strange as f**k. When I thought I was going to die, bro.

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