Lauren Murphy compares lopsided beatdown from Jessica Andrade to Zhang Weili vs. Joanna Jedrzejczyk, defends corner for not throwing in the towel

At UFC 283 in Brazil, flyweight Lauren Murphy competed against Jessica Andrade. The American suffered a beating that led to a unanimous decision loss after three tough rounds.

Many spectators and competitors worried about her health before and after her fight, and many were amazed that her corner didn’t give up. Murphy, on the other hand, doesn’t want to hear any of it and recently defended her position on Twitter. Lucky sent a lengthy, fervent letter to everyone who believed the fight ought to have been stopped.

Lauren Murphy contrasted her situation to Joanna Jedrzejczyk vs. Zhang Weili at UFC 248 and reminded viewers of prior situations where the match was permitted to continue despite combatants incurring severe damage.

“Some of the best coaches I’ve ever had are these men. I’m really appreciative that they let me continue fighting. I’m a tough guy.”
In her subsequent tweet, she added:

“Where were these folks when Joanna battled Weili and resembled f*g Megamind? Why weren’t they yelling for her to be pulled if they were worried for her safety? No matter how competitive she was, her “safety” had to have come first. Miss me with this nonsense of a double standard.”

Jessica Andrade claims her bout against Lauren Murphy should’ve been stopped

At UFC 283, Jessica Andrade completely outplayed Lauren Murphy en route to winning by unanimous decision. She is currently on a three-fight winning run.

Many spectators and athletes, including Andrade, believed that the bout between the two flyweights should have been stopped earlier by the referee and Murphy’s corner.

In her post-fight octagon interview, Andrade repeated her opinions on her bout with Lauren Murphy and whether she thought it deserved to have been halted because of the American’s degree of damage:

“The war seemed to be about to end at times, I remember thinking. Perhaps I was absent or engaged in other activities. Many people claim that I lack technique, but I believe that I proved that tonight.”

Since then, Lauren Murphy has fiercely defended the choice to allow the altercation to continue and has used social media to reiterate the same. ‘Lucky’ has already suffered two defeats in her last three matches.

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