Jose Canseco What was the outcome of the legendary baseball player’s first fight in mixed martial arts (MMA) against Hong Man Choi?

In 2009, Jose Canseco, a former baseball star, competed in his first professional mixed martial arts match, in which he was defeated by Hong Man Choi, a kickboxer who stood 7 feet 2 inches tall.
During his career as a baseball player, Canseco was honoured with several accolades, including Rookie of the Year in 1986 and Most Valuable Player in 1988. His other accomplishments include being named an All-Star for a total of six times and winning the World Series twice. After playing for a number of the most successful clubs in the league, “Parkway Jose” decided to call it quits in the year 2001 and retire from the sport. These clubs include the likes of the New York Yankees, the Boston Red Sox, and the Chicago White Sox, among others.In the years after his retirement, Jose Canseco made the iconic admission that he had used performance-enhancing drugs throughout his entire playing career. He also made the statement that up to ‘85%’ of all active players were also using these medicines.Canseco also asserted that he was a holder of black belts in many forms of mixed martial arts (MMA), including Karate and Taekwondo, and he offered to put his talents on show at the Dream 9 event in 2009.

Canseco fought Hong Man Choi in the Super Hulk Tournament, where he would go on to lose his lone professional fight after slipping to the ground and tapping out to the South Korean’s ground and pound attacks. This was Canseco’s sole loss in his career as a professional fighter.

Dana White is confident a win over Henry Cejudo will do wonders for Aljamain Sterling’s MMA career

In a recent interview, Dana White discussed his opinions on the main event that will take place this weekend, in which bantamweight champion Aljamain Sterling will defend his championship against the returning Henry Cejudo.

After a string of unpleasant occurrences that have beset ‘Funk Master’s’ most recent mixed martial arts (MMA) performances, the president of the UFC has stated that ‘Funk Master’ is in need of a clean victory.When White says this, he is referring to Sterling’s championship defence against T.J. Dillashaw as well as his two fights against Petr Yan. First, the 33-year-old won the title after Yan was disqualified for landing an illegal knee, and then he defended his title against the Russian by eking out a tight victory via split decision.

Sterling knocked out Dillashaw in the second round for a decisive victory, which he was seeking to use as further evidence to disprove his detractors who had doubted him. On the other hand, it was discovered much later that Dillashaw had been dealing with a shoulder issue leading up to the bout.

In an interview with The Schmo, Dana White noted that a decisive victory over Cejudo will firmly establish Sterling’s place in MMA history and, perhaps, put his detractors to rest. He said:

“Listen, here’s the deal with Aljamain. Although Aljamain has been involved in a few bad incidents during his streak, as we were discussing earlier, the fact remains that this individual has the most wins overall and the most consecutive wins of anyone. I believe that a victory over Henry Cejudo will provide this young fighter with the credentials that he requires at this time. This will establish him, and anyone who has ever had any questions about him in the past and some of the things that have happened, as Cejudo pointed out, beating Henry will squash that.

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