Jorge Masvidal’s 5-second KO of Ben Askren was achieved thanks to his knee, as described in “Gamebred.”

At UFC 238, Jorge Masvidal achieved the quickest knockout in UFC history. He ended his conflict with fellow welterweight contender Ben Askren in under five seconds. The responses of the other fighters there as well as the spectators provided insight into the effect the flying knee knockdown had on Masvidal’s career.

When the referee signaled for combat to begin, Masvidal, who had been cool and collected before the fight, ran out of his corner. Askren leaned in to attempt a takedown when “Gamebred” unloaded a flush flying right knee that instantly rendered the former Olympian unconscious.

Jorge Masvidal’s popularity soared after his flying knee knockout victory, and he soon replaced Dana White as the UFC’s top pay-per-view attraction. It’s interesting to note that before the bout, a video of him rehearsing the identical finish appeared online, heightening its effect.

On a recent edition of The Joe Rogan Experience, Jorge Masvidal discussed in detail the careful preparation for the finish and immaculate execution of the flying knee knockout. Masvidal crafted a cunning scheme to take advantage of Askren’s propensity to try for the takedown. He stated:

“I usually enjoy researching my opponents in various ways. Askren was witty all the time on Twitter. Despite being a nerd and a dork, he is a force behind the computer. He always froze up when I encountered him face to face, like my intelligence vs your improvisation.Masvidal took advantage of all those insights before the fight to spectacularly knock Asken out. “I was like, ‘I not only need to run at him but I also need to have like a change of speed because that will make him go into his natural cro*ch-sniffing instincts,'” Masvidal said. He’s going to duck if I just alter the speed on him. I cut a small angle and came out slowly for that reason.

Jorge Masvidal promises that he will cross paths with Colby Covington again before he retires

The rivalry between Jorge Masvidal and Colby Covington, who were once the closest of friends but have since grown to hate each other, has been one of the most intriguing storylines in recent memory.

The two fought at UFC 272, where Covington won by unanimous decision thanks to his skill in wrestling. Masvidal attacked ‘Chaos’ outside a Miami restaurant in an attempt to get back at him, but instead of getting his way, he was charged with aggravated violence and criminal mischief.

Jorge Masvidal claims that the chapter is far from over. On a recent edition of The Joe Rogan Experience, “Gamebred” made the following commitment before announcing his retirement from mixed martial arts:

“I essentially fed this guy for a year, let him sleep on my couch, and gave him a dollar since he had a broken hand and no employment. You are a piece of crap, he is aware of the bond I have with my children, and you are attempting to use it against me.I swear I’ll f**king murder Colby in the cage legally before my career is through.

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