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Jon Jones’ allegations that Stipe Miocic avoided a fight are refuted by Dana White.


In UFC 285, Jon Jones made a spectacular comeback, making his heavyweight debut while defeating No. 1 contender Ciryl Gane in the first round to win the vacant belt.
After the bout, Jones attacked Stipe Miocic, who is regarded as the best heavyweight of all time. Yet ‘Bones’ has also recently questioned the former two-time champion’s readiness to compete against him.
Dana White, the president of the UFC, reacted in favour of Miocic and refuted any claims that “Stone Cold” avoided a fight with Jon Jones.

Not at all. Stipe has never attempted to escape anything, so listen up. You know, this man is regarded as the best heavyweight of all time, if not the best, and no, I don’t believe Stipe is trying to get out of anything.
White went on to say that Miocic lived a successful life outside of the octagon and stood behind him.

The thing you need to comprehend about some of these men is that once they reach the level of a Jones, McGregor, or Stipe… Stipe has accomplished everything. He’s made a tonne of money, has a job in Ohio, and has children, you know. It’s never a case of, “Well he’s trying to get out of something,” with these people because they always have something going on. Who is Stipe trying to hide from after fighting his entire life? You get what I mean when I say that it is absurd. Also, this will be one of his biggest bouts of his life, if not the biggest.

Stipe Miocic replies to Jon Jones’ Twitter challenge

After easily defeating Ciryl Gane, Jon Jones is not taking any time to book his next heavyweight match.

Jones made it clear on Twitter that he intended to take on Stipe Miocic in a title match to defend his position, saying:

“Bro it’s simple, either you believe in yourself or you don’t. Either you want to take on this challenge or not. Don’t waste anyone’s time. Stipe Miocic swiftly and curtly replied to Jon Jones with a four-word tweet that all but confirmed that “Bones” will go up against the former heavyweight champion to defend his championship. Although the fight has not yet been formally announced, it is expected that the two will square off in July at UFC 290.

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