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Joe Rogan’s allegations that Jorge Masvidal would face Georges St-Pierre are refuted by Chael Sonnen.


Joe Rogan recently asserted that Georges St-Pierre, a member of the UFC Hall of Fame, would face danger if he faced Jorge Masvidal.Chael Sonnen, a former contender for the UFC middleweight and light heavyweight titles, responded to the remarks and suggested that the announcer was under the influence of narcotics.The mixed martial arts commentator said the following when discussing his podcast Beyond the Fight:

“That’s not a logical claim. Joe Rogan excels at what he does, yet speaking frequently might lead to mistakes. Masvidal was brought in to demonstrate how much better today’s welterweights are than Georges St-Pierre.”We ought to just brush this off… Joe made the point that the competition was tougher now than it was back then. What does the guy have to do with the competition?

With numerous divisional records under his belt, Georges St-Pierre is largely regarded as the best welterweight of all time. Jorge Masvidal is a tremendously skilled fighter, yet he has yet to win a UFC championship. While also earning the “BMF” title, the two-time welterweight title challenger does, however, claim the record for the fastest knockout in UFC history.

What did Joe Rogan say about Jorge Masvidal and Georges St-Pierre?

Luke Combs, a country music performer, was recently Joe Rogan’s guest on episode #1956 of The Joe Rogan Experience.

The UFC analyst said something debatable, saying:

“If you look at GSP’s accomplishments, he defeated some extremely talented opponents, but I believe that Colby Covington, Jorge Masvidal, and Tyron Woodley are superior to those that Kamaru Usman defeated… Masvidal, who I believe is on another level, would have been harmful for everyone if he had been present at that moment, in my opinion. Everyone is, in my opinion, at a higher level.

Masvidal is a tough opponent for anyone, so it was surprising that Rogan chose to use him as an example. The UFC analyst seemed to forget that ‘Gamebred’ made his professional debut just one year after St-Pierre, who held the title of long-time welterweight champion.

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