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Joe Rogan billed ‘bigger than Larry King’ by Bill Maher


Bill Maher has conveyed his gratitude to Joe Rogan, an American comedian with whom he shares a similar background.

A notable comparison that Maher made between Rogan and the iconic talk show host Larry King was made. It is widely acknowledged that King was one of the most influential and influential talk show hosts in the sociopolitical world, particularly in the United States of America. King passed away in January 2021 at the age of 87.

The Larry King Show, a radio discussion show that he hosted, was the primary reason for his widespread notoriety. It began airing in the United States in January 1978 and lasted until May of 1994. During a recent episode of his podcast Club Random with Bill Maher, Bill Maher made the comment that Joe Rogan is the modern-day equivalent of Larry King, and he went on to say that Rogan is possibly even more successful than King.

According to the information provided by Mediaite, the edition of the podcast featured Bill Maher having a conversation with comic Kathy Griffin about the late Larry King. Griffin was of the opinion that shows similar to the one hosted by Larry King no longer exist. She suggested that journalist and political commentator Anderson Cooper might have been a suitable replacement for King in terms of conducting a discussion show that was comparable to the one King had hosted.

Check out the following episode of Maher’s podcast:

On the other hand, Bill Maher claimed that MMA star and podcast mogul Joe Rogan is his generation’s version of Larry King. Griffin stepped in and pointed out that King frequently conducted interviews with a passive attitude, in which he did not question his guests on their viewpoints.

Maher, on the other hand, admitted that Rogan also engages in the same behavior. Nevertheless, he praised Rogan for having an open mind and for providing a platform to even contentious public figures, who the establishment (the social and political heavy hitters) wants de-platformed.

Griffin made statements that gave the impression that he believes Rogan is also most likely a part of the “establishment.” Regardless, Maher suggested that Joe Rogan, the host of the podcast known as JRE (Joe Rogan Experience), had merited his position as the most successful podcaster in the world.

He stressed that, similar to what Larry King accomplished, Rogan gives a wide variety of guests the opportunity to share their thoughts and a platform from which to do it. According to Maher:

“I would say that Joe Rogan is not like Larry King, but it’s — every generation has its own permutation of it. Joe Rogan is not like Larry King. And there are unquestionably notable distinctions, but a massive readership. Greater than Larry King ever could have been.

“I would argue that he is our generation’s Larry King in the same way that there was [Johnny] Carson and then it moved to [David] Letterman, [Jay] Leno, and then it moved to [Jimmy] Fallon in the same way that it moved to [Jimmy] Leno and then it moved to [Jimmy] Fallon. I mean, it was the… that show has progressed a great deal.”

When Joe Rogan discussed Bill Maher’s political significance with him on the JRE podcast

Bill Maher is noted for incorporating a comic aspect into his discussion of current events, politics, and other topics on his talk show, Real Time with Bill Maher, which airs once a week.

The well-known talk show presenter made an appearance on Joe Rogan’s JRE podcast in 2022. The UFC commentator lauded the prominent talk show host for being a true “liberal” in the politically split culture that exists in the United States at the time.

In addition to his lifelong work as an analyst for mixed martial arts (MMA), Rogan is also well regarded for his work as a loud champion for freedom of speech. In this context, the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) personality praised Bill Maher for being a unique individual in the contemporary sociopolitical scene of the United States.

Joe Rogan has divulged the fact that the individuals, such as Bill Maher, whom he truly regards and respects as belonging to the left-wing are those who are liberal and open to conversation as an alternative to de-platforming. Rogan said:

“Personnel such as yourself are really valuable to individuals such as myself. Because you exemplify what it means to be a liberal to me and I see you as one. My interpretation of what it means to be a left-winger is that you are “just an average person who cares about people’s rights and wants some degree of freedom.”

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