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Joe Rogan explains why Paddy Pimblett’s controversial win over Jared Gordon could ‘land him in trouble’


Recently, Joe Rogan offered his opinion on Paddy Pimblett’s contentious victory over Jared Gordon.

At UFC 282 in December of last year, Pimblett faced Gordon; ‘The Baddy’ was declared the winner by unanimous decision. The decision was dubbed a “robbery” by the majority of the MMA world, and MMA Junkie even named the fight Robbery of the Year for 2022.

Joe Rogan and his guest Belal Muhammad revisited the Paddy Pimblett vs. Jared Gordon bout on episode #134 of The JRE MMA Show. Rogan stated that he thought Gordon earned the judges’ vote and that Pimblett would feel out of his element if the competition level is raised. The UFC analyst said:

“Jared Gordon was indeed f***ed, which is unfortunate. I don’t like it when someone succeeds just because they are well-known, have a charismatic personality, and are adored by everyone. The issue with that is that people will be rooting against him in the upcoming fight, which means he will now face someone and possibly someone who is on a higher level.”

Belal Muhammad added that, given how much weight he puts on between fights, he doesn’t think Paddy Pimblett takes his training camps all that seriously.

Joe Rogan says Paddy Pimblett’s training camps are ‘Fat camps’

Paddy Pimblett’s dramatic weight gain and reduction in between fights have recently come under fire from Joe Rogan and Belal Muhammad, two more MMA figures. The Scouser often undergoes difficult weight cuts to meet the lightweight limit despite regularly exceeding 200 pounds outside of fight camp.

According to Rogan, Pimblett’s fight camps are more concerned with reducing his weight than with honing his talents. The well-known humorist said:

“Yes, it has also been stated that his bouts resemble fat camps. They actually aren’t like training camps where you spend a lot of time going over techniques. He has excellent skills, but right now he is only focused on slimming down. He becomes so enormous that he develops a large pie-face.”
Belal Muhammad stated that training with such a lot of extra weight frequently results in unneeded injuries and that significant weight gain is detrimental for one’s health. Paddy Pimblett will undergo ankle surgery in March and will likely miss a significant amount of time from play.

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