Joe Rogan begs Francis Ngannou to reconsider coming back to UFC, proposes lucrative matchup

After failing to reach an agreement on a new deal with the UFC, Francis Ngannou recently became a free agent in the mixed martial arts industry. After making his money in a boxing battle, stand-up comedian and UFC colour commentator Joe Rogan begged the former heavyweight champion to return to the organisation.
On The Joe Rogan Experience MMA Show episode #135, host Joe Rogan said to guest Paul Felder:

“In a perfect scenario, [Ngannou] would travel and participate in a lucrative heavyweight boxing match. Ciryl Gane and Jon Jones argue. Francis then returns when Jon or Ciryl wins, with the winner becoming the new UFC champion. He can absolutely return. If Francis is listening, don’t sign an exclusive contract, sir.”

Although it seems improbable that Ngannou will rejoin the UFC, it is still possible that he might do so if he competes in a boxing battle before joining another mixed martial arts organisation. It’s still uncertain whether the UFC will back down from any of the former heavyweight champion’s contract demands or whether Ngannou himself would be open to negotiating with the organisation following his departure.

Joe Rogan wants Francis Ngannou to receive a payday

Fans of the sport were startled by Francis Ngannou’s exit from the UFC because he was the first champion in active competition to leave the organisation since B.J. Penn in 2004. The former heavyweight champion’s departure has lately drawn the attention of UFC commentator Joe Rogan, who stated that he wants Ngannou to earn the enormous sum of money he desires in a boxing match.

On The Joe Rogan Experience MMA Show episode #135, Paul Felder was interviewed, and the podcast presenter said the following to him:

“I simply want him to receive that paycheck. He received a higher salary from [the UFC] than any other heavyweight, but I believe his desire to continue boxing was the stumbling block. He asks, “Conor McGregor accomplished it, why can’t I do it?” to his credit. Conor earned $100 million from his battle with Floyd Mayweather. Generational wealth is that.”
Conor McGregor’s boxing battle was made feasible because to the UFC, while Ngannou’s was not because they were willing to work together. Now that he is a free agent in mixed martial arts, Tyson Fury’s boxing battle appears to be an option because the WBC Heavyweight Champion recently called him out.

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