Joe Rogan and Sean O’Malley discuss the declining success rate in American marriages, using the phrase “their wife sticking their ti**ies out” in their conversation.

Recently, Joe Rogan and Sean O’Malley had a conversation about how the percentage of marriages that end in divorce appears to be on the decline, and they hypothesized that social media may be a contributing factor in the dissolution of relationships.

During a recent episode of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast (JRE MMA Show #147) with O’Malley and coach Tim Welch, the well-known podcaster attempted to answer the question of what percentage of marriages will be successful in the following five years.

Joe Rogan, when discussing how social media has transformed the dating and relationship landscape over the past decade, recalls hearing that Instagram is a “infidelity accelerating machine.” Rogan was speaking about how social media has altered the dating and relationship landscape. He continued:

“I know guys who are married, and their wives’ pages are all of their wives sticking their ti*es out and sticking their bt out,” the speaker says. It takes up the entirety of the page, if you get my meaning… You are aware that they are being harassed in the direct messages on a consistent basis, and if something goes wrong in the marriage, they have a wide variety of choices available to them. Pro athletes are probably direct messaging them, but who knows?
See Joe Rogan’s remarks beginning at 0 minutes and 10 seconds:

It is important to bring out the fact that Sean O’Malley and Danya Gonzalez, his wife, are now living in an open marriage. Because the pair is married under a non-monogamous civil union, he is free to seek romantic connections with other women outside of the context of his marriage. However, O’Malley has stated in the past that he does not grant the same privileges to his wife that he does to his other children.

Joe Rogan and Sean O’Malley discuss Dillon Danis’ legal troubles

Joe Rogan and Sean O’Malley discussed the lawsuits brought against Dillon Danis by Nina Agdal, who is engaged to Logan Paul, during the same episode of the JRE MMA Show.

On October 14, at the Misfits X DAZN: The Prime Card event that will take place in Manchester, Danis is scheduled to make his debut in the sport of boxing versus Paul. Agdal was singled out by ‘El Jefe’ in the buildup to their battle so that he could advertise the bout, and he insulted her character incessantly on social media.

After being harassed by Danis online for several weeks, a Danish supermodel finally launched legal action against him and requested that he be restrained from contacting her. It was reported earlier this week that a federal judge named Madeline Cox Arleo had carried out the terms of the restraining order that Agdal had issued against Dillon Danis.

Sean O’Malley expressed to Joe Rogan how stressed the Bellator welterweight contender must be as they were talking about the legal issues that he is facing and said:

“For Logan’s girl to sue him… lawsuits, lawyers, and all that sht, there’s nothing more fking stressful and frustrating than going through that stuff, and Dillon probably doesn’t have a lot of cheddar,” she said. “For Logan’s girl to sue him… lawsuits, lawyers, and all that sht.” I’ll bet the fk on the fact that he’s freaking stressed out because now he’s being sued, he has to get a lawyer, and those lawyer expenses can really mount up to a lot of money.

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