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“JJ will personally call the commission Monday!!” – Support for KSI’s ‘robbery’ allegation comes from all corners of the boxing industry, including the CEO of DAZN himself.


A large number of boxing fans have come out in support of the YouTuber-turned-boxer KSI, claiming that the boxer-turned-YouTuber was ‘robbed’ at the most recent boxing tournament that took place.

On October 14, a professional boxing match between the British influencer and Tommy Fury eventually took place, after a long period of anticipation lasting several months. The event was held at the Manchester Arena in Manchester, which is located in Manchester, England.

The bout was a tough battle that lasted the full six rounds and was fiercely contested throughout. In the end, a vote was taken, and the majority decided that Fury was the victor. The competition was won by ‘TNT’ with scores of 57-57, 57-56, and 57-56 respectively from the three judges.

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On the other hand, the result of the fight did not sit well with a lot of viewers, and they voiced their displeasure on social media.

Joe Markowski, the CEO of DAZN, has posted a story on his Instagram account in which he agrees with the narrative that the three judges cheated the British influencer KSI out of winning the competition.

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According to the assertions of one user, the British YouTuber could perhaps file a personal appeal against the verdict on Monday.

“JJ will personally call the commission Monday.”
Another person voiced their perplexity regarding Fury’s victory, which came despite ‘TNT’ losing the first three rounds and receiving a point deduction.

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