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Jake Paul has confirmed a significant alteration to Nate Diaz’s matchup, and the news is BREAKING.


In preparation for his highly anticipated boxing comeback against Nate Diaz, Jake Paul has shown his willingness to accommodate a last-minute regulation change.

On August 5, 2023, at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas, the YouTuber-turned-boxer will square off against the former UFC great. The fight will take place. The fact that this fight will mark Diaz’s official debut in the world of professional boxing lends even more weight to the importance of the bout.

When Diaz announced his desire for a more prolonged encounter, the dynamics of the fight took an unanticipated turn for the worse from what had been the original plan, which called for eight rounds.

Recognizing Diaz’s impressive cardio and rising to the occasion, ‘The Problem Child’ recently agreed to the Stockton native’s request to increase the number of rounds that were set to a thrilling 10:

“Nate Diaz is requesting ten rounds. I’m going to assume that he has decent cardio. Okay, Nathan, let’s go for ten rounds.”
Jake Paul
Jake Paul @jakepaul
The number ten is important to Nate Diaz. I’m going to assume that he has decent cardio. Okay, Nathan, let’s go with 10 rounds.
9604 241

The most recent information suggests that things are heading in the right direction, even if the extended 10-round showdown was waiting for approval from the Texas Combative Sports Program. Through the use of a tweet, Jake Paul has now definitively and officially confirmed the sensational news of a 10-round fight:

“Ten rounds have been confirmed. August 5th, with the hashtag #PaulDiaz”
Please have a look at the following post on social media:

Jake Paul
10 rounds have been verified by Jake Paul (@jakepaul). Posted by #PaulDiaz on August 5th, 1378 87
Jake Paul will compete in his eighth professional boxing bout and finds himself in an enticing position following his first setback, which came in the form of a split decision against Tommy Fury in Saudi Arabia in February.

Nate Diaz, on the other hand, was able to leave the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) on a winning note after defeating Tony Ferguson at UFC 279 in September of last year.

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