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“It’s a little unfair,” said a former Ultimate Fighting Championship champion in response to the enforcement of a $10 million pullout fee for the rescheduled fight between Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk.


The historic heavyweight fight between Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk, which was slated to take place on February 17, has now been officially rescheduled. The fight was initially scheduled to take place on February 17.

This fight, which was originally scheduled to take place on May 18 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, will now take place on May 18. Because of a cut that Fury got when he was in camp, the bout was postponed. Due to the fact that the confrontation between the two was initially scheduled to take place in December of 2023, it has been postponed thrice.

In this particular instance, the promoter, Turki Alalshikh, has stated that both boxers will be susceptible to a fine of ten million dollars if they decide to withdraw from the fight or cause it to be postponed once more.

Michael Bisping, a former champion of the middleweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, replied to this stipulation on his official YouTube account. It was his contention that the stipulation, despite the fact that it is perhaps “unfair” to Usyk, has increased the stakes and made the battle more significant:

Due to the fact that Oleksandr Usyk has not withdrawn from the fight, it is rather unjust to him. The fact of the matter is that Tyson did give up. The pullout was legitimate, it was sad, it was unplanned, it wasn’t his fault, it was an accident, but he was the one who stopped traveling. Now, Usyk, there is a possibility that he will be cut from the training squad, and there is a potential penalty of ten million dollars for him. In spite of the fact that he has not committed any wrongdoing, he stands to lose ten million dollars in the event that he is cut by mistake. Not to mention Tyson Fury. As a matter of fact, this fight has just become a great deal more significant.

The cut that forced Tyson Fury vs. Oleksandr Usyk to be postponed

The elbow that Fury’s sparring partner accidentally landed on him during his training camp for the Usyk fight caused him to sustain a terrible cut. Fury’s cutting injury was the result of the elbow. Consequently, the fight has been rescheduled to take place on May 18th as a result of the situation.

An official statement was issued by Queensberry Promotions, which is one of the co-promoters of “The Gypsy King,” and an image of the damage that Fury incurred was shared on Instagram.

They noted in the article that it was a “freak cut” that required “urgent medical attention and significant stitching,” and they went on to say that they will collaborate with all of the parties involved to make sure that the fight takes place in the future.

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