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It is much simpler to arrive at home without incident. Garry Tonon claims that his BJJ skills allow him to take less harm during mixed martial arts matches.


Garry Tonon, also known as “The Lion Killer,” is expected to live and die by his jiu-jitsu. He is a former challenger for the featherweight MMA world title in ONE Championship and is now the first-ranked featherweight MMA contender in ONE Championship.

The jiu-jitsu black belt and submission grappler who switched to mixed martial arts claims that he will always rely on his superior grappling chops to get the job done against any and all of his opponents. He has been awarded a black belt in both of these disciplines. It is at least possible for him to rely on his jiu-jitsu to keep himself out of harm’s path on a constant basis.

During a recent interview with Sportskeeda MMA, Tonon discussed how he has been able to extend his mixed martial arts career by utilizing his jiu-jitsu skills.

According to “The Lion Killer,”

Despite the fact that I know it isn’t always going to be this way, I want every fight to be this way. However, with the assistance of jiu-jitsu, it is a little bit simpler to accomplish what needs to be done, to arrive home without risk, and to avoid having to worry about suffering an excessive number of head injuries and other similar incidents.

“The Situ-Asian” Martin Nguyen, a former ONE featherweight and lightweight mixed martial arts world champion, was Tonon’s opponent in his most recent battle, which took place in Tokyo over the weekend. Naturally, this is precisely how things turned out for Tonon there.

The fight between Tonon and the Vietnamese-Australian superstar took place at ONE 165: Superlek vs. Takeru, which was broadcast live from the Ariake Arena in the capital city of Japan on the 28th of January. On watch.onefc.com, the event was broadcast live through a global pay-per-view arrangement.

At the beginning of the first round, “The Lion Killer” quickly defeated “The Situ-Asian” by submitting him with a rear-naked choke submission. This victory was achieved in a short amount of time. It is remarkable that Tonon did not sustain any injuries during the battle, especially considering that he was competing against a knockout machine like Nguyen.

Garry Tonon on tapping out Martin Nguyen: “It’s just such an amazing feeling”

It goes without saying that Garry Tonon is pleased with the manner in which he handled the situation involving Martin Nguyen. During the same interview, he stated that:

“To do it the way that I did it too [beat Martin Nguyen by submission], man, it’s just such an amazing feeling, and I try to remind myself of that stuff sometimes because it keeps me a little bit more grateful, and, you know, I’m grateful for everything that I have, everything that America has given to me, and I’m grateful to be here in Japan and to share this country with them while I’m here,” he said. “I’m grateful to all of you.”
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