It is a’shame,’ according to Liam Harrison, that his battle with Nong-O Hama finished in the manner in which it did: “I just couldn’t stand up.”

Kickboxer Liam Harrison of the United Kingdom is still upset over the way his most recent battle finished. He stated that it could not have arrived at a more inconvenient time and that it was impossible.

In August of the previous year, ‘Hitman’ competed against Nong-O Hama, who held the title of ONE bantamweight kickboxing world champion at the time. Unfortunately, he was not able to advance very far in his campaign as he was forced to take a technical knockout loss after limping out of the first round with an injured knee and being forced to concede defeat.

During an appearance on the podcast Caffeine & Canines, Liam Harrison discussed how difficult it was for him to be eliminated from the battle against Nong-O, which, as a result, prevented him from having the opportunity to win what is likely the most important fight of his career:

“Unfortunately, that’s the way the battle game works. When you’re at the top of your game, competing against the best opponents on a consistent basis, and you’re in the thick of things, sometimes things just happen. Because someone booted me in the knee, I virtually tore every ligament in my knee.I lost my balance, and much though I tried, I just couldn’t get up. It was a shame because I had been waiting for it. It was a monumental fight, possibly the most important fight in ONE Championship for the title, and certainly the most important fight there is.”
Take a look at what he had to say in the following:

After sustaining an injury, Liam Harrison immediately went into surgery and then started the recuperation process. He has been improving his game and his fitness level steadily over the past few months.

The fighter from Leeds has high expectations of competing again in the very near future, perhaps in an all-British title fight against the newly crowned ONE bantamweight kickboxing world champion Jonathan Haggerty.

Liam Harrison has had a lengthy and successful career that has taken him to many different locations across the world to compete in a variety of competitions held by a number of different organizations and tournaments. He made his debut in ONE Championship in 2018, and since then he has steadily risen through the ranks to become one of the best and most explosive attackers in the bantamweight class.

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