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Israel Adesanya must beat Alex Pereira at UFC 287, and Chris Curtis explains why it’s important for more than just the title. (Exclusive)


Chris Curtis, a middleweight in the UFC, recently shared his thoughts on the highly awaited fight between Israel Adesanya and Alex Pereira, which is scheduled to take place at UFC 287. Alex Pereira and “The Last Stylebender” have a long past together. The two have currently squared off against one another three times, twice in kickboxing and once in the UFC. Unfortunately for Adesanya, he hasn’t defeated “Poatan” once.

But this weekend’s scheduled fight between the two will see the former UFC middleweight king attempt to reclaim his title. Chris Curtis said that Alex Pereira and “The Last Stylebender” have a feud that is “life or death” for him. Chris Curtis was referring to the former UFC middleweight champion. Curtis said the following in an exclusive chat with Andrew Whitelaw of Sportskeeda MMA:

“My mind suggests Alex. I don’t even like Izzy. Even though I don’t like Izzy at all, I can’t help but feel bad for the fellow because it seems like he has a personal boogeyman who has followed him into two different sports. I recently read a story in which Alex Pereira claimed, “I only came to MMA because Izzy said I would be forgotten.” Holy crap, you unintentionally made your own boogeyman, I thought. That is so eminently Shakespearean in its lyrical style. As a result, I’m thinking that he has to succeed because Izzy’s life may depend on it.

Israel Adesanya is confident of beating Alex Pereira at UFC 287

As previously stated, Adesanya will face Alex Pereira in the octagon later this weekend. ‘The Last Stylebender’ will be facing a lot of pressure in the upcoming fight as he enters the cage as a challenger for the first time in almost five years.

Israel Adesanya, however, seems to have a lot of trust going into this game. ‘The Last Stylebender’ claimed that he has what it takes to defeat ‘Poatan’ while discussing his fight with Alex Periera at UFC 287 media day:

“I am aware of what works for me and how to defeat this opponent. I have to find a way to remove him from the driver’s seat, which I will do, because I know that every time I fight this man, I’m winning and dominating him, but he always recovers and puts his foot on the gas.

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