Is there a treatment for cauliflower ear? The excellent early treatment that Dr. David Abbasi recommends for the prevalent MMA ailment

Recently, Dr. David Abbasi provided a straightforward recommendation for curing or treating cauliflower ear. It is a prevalent condition in grappling-based sports such as wrestling and jiu-jitsu that is characterized by malformed ears that look puffy and swollen. This condition can be seen in both males and females.

Early treatment that includes drainage and compression, as recommended by Dr. Abbasi, is the most effective method for curing the problem. He posted a brief video of the therapy to his ‘X’ handle (which was formerly Twitter) and provided an explanation of the procedure in the caption for the video.

Watch the video that may be found here:

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“The cauliflower ear is a move that is frequently used in grappling sports including jiu-jitsu, MMA, and wrestling. Early therapy with drainage is essential, preferably before the affected areas become rigid and transform into scar tissue. Additionally, compression!

What causes cauliflower ear?

The condition manifests itself as a result of repeated blows to the ear canal delivered by an unidentified item. Blood clots or a buildup of other fluids may occur behind the dense layer of connective tissues known as the perichondrium in the external ear as a result of the repetitive impact.

This buildup is what leads to the formation of fibrous tissue, as well as the separation of the cartilage and the perichondrium, all of which are consequences of the condition. The process causes the cartilage in the ear to degenerate, resulting in the ear becoming deformed and puffy, giving it an appearance that is comparable to that of a cauliflower.

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This condition is fairly common in many forms of martial arts, such as wrestling, jiu-jitsu, mixed martial arts, and others. It can also occur in non-martial arts settings. On the other hand, it has also been discovered among sportsmen who participate in the sport of rugby. There have been fights in boxing and mixed martial arts championships where the ear has burst, causing severe bleeding as a result. These bouts have led to significant blood loss.

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