“disrespectful” Haggerty is the target of criticism from Liam Harrison, who responds by saying, “I’ve knocked out more top-level fighters than he’s even had fights.”

ONE Championship veteran ‘Hitman’ Liam Harrison can’t help but think about the possibility of facing fellow Englishman and recently crowned ONE bantamweight Muay Thai world champion ‘The General’ Jonathan Haggerty in a future bout. Haggerty is known as “The General.”

The fight took place in April, and Haggerty claimed the belt with a first-round knockout victory against the famous Nong-O Hama. Almost immediately after the fight, speculation began regarding the possibility of a meeting between Haggerty and Harrison in the United Kingdom.

Evidently, the possible meeting between these two teams would be extremely enormous for the UK. Both Harrison and Haggerty have started to hurl insults at one another through the media, and the back-and-forth banter has undoubtedly gotten more heated.

In particular, Harrison took exception to Haggerty’s characterization of him as “the easiest fight in the division.”

Harrison gave a scathing rebuttal to Haggerty’s statements in a recent interview with ONE Championship. Harrison was responding to Haggerty’s comments.

‘Hitman’ said:

“He has never really shown me any respect at all, and I think that was a pretty disrespectful comment that he said there, especially after what I’ve done,” she added. “I think that was a pretty disrespectful comment that he said there, especially after what I’ve done.” I’ve won by knockout against more top-tier fighters than he’s even had fights against.”

Harrison is positively salivating at the prospect of taking on Haggerty and winning the ONE bantamweight Muay Thai world title for himself in their upcoming matchup. However, the 37-year-old veteran is still recuperating from knee surgery he underwent earlier this year to address a persistent ailment he acquired as a result of his own experience with Nong-O the previous year. He had the procedure done in order to solve the issue.

When Liam Harrison has made a full recovery, he will have a number of important bouts waiting for him, not the least of which being the one against Haggerty. Among these bouts, the one against Haggerty is the most anticipated. Fans undoubtedly eagerly anticipate information regarding this big fight.

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