Is there any record of Idris Elba competing in professional bouts? This is when Andrew Tate began training the actor for his debut in kickboxing.

Idris Elba was once under Andrew Tate’s tutelage to learn the art of kickboxing, which served as excellent preparation for the Hollywood A-lister’s first professional bout.

Idris Elba: Fighter was the title of a documentary that aired on the Discovery Channel back in 2016. The documentary was about Elba. The actor, who was born in London, was supposed to go through a strenuous year of training in kickboxing and mixed martial arts before making his debut in kickboxing, and the idea was supposed to portray that.

Elba was flown all the way out to Thailand as a part of the training, and while there, he worked and trained with the infamous internet personality. Tate was a very talented kickboxer back then, finishing his career with a record of 76-9 and several titles to his name. At the time, Tate had not yet earned the broad acclaim or fame that he would later achieve.

After that, Idris Elba made his debut in kickboxing by competing against Lionel Graves at Road to Glory UK. Graves was a much younger and more experienced fighter than his opponent, but the 46-year-old star’s rigorous preparation paid off when he knocked out Graves in the first round with a technical knockout.

Watch Elba win through technical knockout in this video (1:29):

Throughout the course of the documentary, Andrew Tate addressed the topic of what it’s like to be a fighter and to have the attitude of a fighter. The video provides a unique and intimate look into his thought process as a kickboxer, which isn’t something that can be seen very often in the controversial figure in the present day. ‘Cobra’ said:

“The only way to win a battle is to keep your cool and think back to all of the things you’ve been training for. It’s a lot harder than the average person back home believes it is. It’s battle, it’s chaos, and it moves very quickly…There are a lot of people who hold the belief that only tough guys should fight, but I disagree. I believe that it’s for those with a lot of brains.”

ere are a lot of people who hold the belief that only tough guys should fight, but I disagree. I believe that it’s for those with a lot of brains.”

Andrew Tate takes part in heated BBC interview whilst under house arrest

Following his release from a three-month spell in jail, Andrew Tate is currently serving his sentence at home under house arrest. In December 2022, the internet personality was taken into custody and charged of committing rape, trafficking in human beings, and conspiring to build a criminal organization.

Tate decided to participate in a BBC interview at his house so that he could present his side of the story. However, the interview quickly went sour when ‘Cobra’ was questioned about his arrest and comments that were deemed controversial. Tate’s decision to take part in the interview was motivated by the desire to explain his side of the story.

In response to the claims that were leveled against him and his brother, the former kickboxing champion went on the offensive right away and immediately struck back at his accusers. He said:

“The fact that these organizations and the BBC are going to sit here and claim that I am the face of causing harm to young people is utter nonsense, and it is completely dishonest. In point of fact, I’ve read tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of positive comments, and I’ve had countless emails of praise from women. Praising the fact that their sons are listening to what it is that I have to say and praising the fact that their sons are listening to me.

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