Is it true that Michel Pereira is an Israeli? A fighter reveals why he left UFC Vegas 81 while carrying an Israeli flag one week after his ban was lifted.

On October 14, mixed martial arts (MMA) fans were treated to a one-of-a-kind sight when Brazilian UFC fighter Michel Pereira stepped out for his bout at UFC Vegas 81 with an Israeli flag. As a result of this, many people began to wonder whether or not ‘Demolidor,’ who was born in the Brazilian city of Para, had any ties to Israel.

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Pereira provided an explanation for his actions after the fight by stepping out with the flag that was referenced earlier in the post-fight news conference that he attended. Demolitor claimed that he had friends in Israel and that he was trying to show his support for Israel in its continuing conflict with Hamas through the measures that he took.

“The reason behind it is due to the conflict. I have a lot of friends in Israel, and I witnessed the same heartbreaking films as they did. I recently become a parent, and I recently watched some films that featured children… According to Michel Pereira (quotes translated by @AgFight), “I felt like it was my duty to show my support for Israel.”

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Just a few days after the UFC relaxed its restriction on competitors coming out with country flags, Michel Pereira took the initiative to do something about it.

The main event was a middleweight bout between Andre Petroski and Pereira. Pereira’s opponent was Andre Petroski. The Brazilian knocked out Petroski in the first few minutes of the battle, ending what turned out to be a quick and decisive bout.

Pereira’s excellent victory brought his unbeaten record in wins to a new high of 6-0.

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