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Is Arturs Ahmetovs a real person? The information you need to know about the male fighter who knocked out Claressa Shields as she was going through training


Because of the controversy that surrounded a video of Arturs Ahmetovs knocking down Claressa Shields, a world champion boxer, the video generated a lot of attention in the media. Ahmetovs is a character that is not widely recognized among fans of combat sports; nonetheless, he has recently garnered a lot of attention, and as a result, this article will provide you with all the information you require regarding him.

Arturs Ahmetovs is a professional boxer from Latvia who participates in the super lightweight division of the sporting championship. His BoxRec profile states that he was born in Riga, Latvia, but that he currently resides in Delray Beach, Florida, in the United States of America.

The knockout victory over Demetrius Wilson that Ahmetovs achieved in March 2019 marked his debut in the professional boxing circuit. In February of 2020, the Latvian boxer was defeated for the first time by Rolando Romero, following a streak of five consecutive fights in which he had not been defeated. After that, he made a comeback with a victory over Vladyslav Baranov in September of 2020, but he has missed out on any professional competitions since then.

The fact that Arturs Ahmetovs is open to boxing bout offers is mentioned on his personal Instagram account, which shows that he has not retired from the sport despite the fact that he has not been active recently. Additionally, according to his profile, Ahmetovs has won the national championship in boxing five times and has previously won the world championship in kickboxing. Ahmetovs’s professional boxing record is now at 6-1 as of the month of December 2023, with two of those victories coming via technical knockout.

Taking into consideration the comments made by Claressa Shields on the now-famous knockout video, it would appear that Ahmetovs had his training from coach Derik Santos, who is the proprietor of the DS Boxing club located in Boca Raton, Florida. According to the information provided on his official website, Santos has received training from prominent boxers such as Chris Algieri and Maureen Shea, as well as mixed martial arts champions Vitor Belfort and Thiago Alves.

What is the controversy surrounding Arturs Ahmetovs and Claressa Shields?

In the history of boxing, Claressa Shields is considered to be one of the most decorated female boxers. Her professional record is perfect, with a perfect 14-0 record, and she is presently the undisputed champion of the light middleweight division. The 28-year-old fighter was knocked out by Arturs Ahmetovs during a sparring match in 2018, despite the fact that she is the dominant fighter in the professional circuit.

In the process of causing a great deal of controversy, the Latvian boxer uploaded a video of the knockout to his Instagram account. Since then, the video has spread across all social media platforms and has become quite popular.

Ahmetovs was retaliated against by Claressa Shields, who stated that he had knocked her out on purpose in order to exact revenge for the punishment that she had meted out during their last training session. Additionally, she has asserted that Arturs Ahmetovs removed the padding off his gloves, most likely in order to heighten the force of the punch that knocked her out.

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