“Increases the risks of knockouts” is how Holly Holm’s former opponent describes the potential dangers that Kayla Harrison could face in the Unified Fighting Championship 300 event.

In a recent post, Megan Anderson discussed her opinions on Kayla Harrison’s formal signing with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). She also discussed some potential challenges that the two-time Olympic gold medalist judoka would encounter when she makes her professional debut against Holly Holm.

It was recently reported by Dana White that Harrison would be joining the roster of the promotion. Additionally, it was disclosed that she would be competing against the former bantamweight champion in a 135-pound bout at the historic UFC 300 event that will take place in April. T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas is going to be the location of the significant event that is going to take place.

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For the previous few years, Harrison has participated in the PFL at the lightweight division. As a result, many people have questioned her decision to shift down to the bantamweight division. Her supporters have expressed their concerns about her health and well-being, particularly in light of the fact that she would have to go through a rigorous weight-cutting and dehydration regimen in order to achieve her goal of 135 pounds.

In a video that was recently released to her channel on YouTube, Anderson provided her thoughts on the bout between Holm and Harrison, as well as how the former PFL star’s weight loss could potentially impact her ability to continue competing. This is what she said:

If she continues to lose weight, will she still have the strength she once had? The fact that she enjoys using her power and her physical prowess in her battles raises the question of whether or not she will still be able to do so after falling to a weight class that she has never dropped before.
She went on to say:

If she is losing a substantial amount of weight, there is a greater possibility that she will not be able to rehydrate in the appropriate manner, which in turn raises the likelihood that she may be knocked out… I have competed against a lot of different opponents throughout my whole career, but Holly Holm is by far the most physically formidable opponent I have ever faced. She is a horrible example of a specimen.

Dana White on Kayla Harrison competing at bantamweight in the UFC

In spite of the fact that many people are concerned that Kayla Harrison will not be able to compete at the bantamweight limit for her UFC debut versus Holly Holm at UFC 300, Dana White is not upset about the situation. Recently, the CEO of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) revealed that Harrison has successfully undergone repeated test weight cuts to 135 pounds.

In addition to being one of the most well-known female mixed martial arts competitors in the world, Harrison is also well-known for she has won the PFL women’s lightweight tournament on two separate occasions. She is coming off a victory over Aspen Ladd by unanimous decision at PFL 10 in November of last year, which is part of her outstanding professional record of 16 defeats to one victory.

White addressed any concerns that may have been raised over Harrison’s capacity to achieve the weight she needs for her fight versus Holm at UFC 300 during a recent Instagram Live session. According to a report by MMA journalist Aaron Bronsteter on X:

“On IG Live, Dana White says that Kayla Harrison has done multiple test weight cuts to 135 pounds, and he has no concerns about her being able to make weight.”

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