In training, Liam Harrison gets absolutely crazy, and he teases that he will be returning to action with ONE Championship. “Comeback in full swing”

As far as an athlete’s career is concerned, there is nothing more catastrophic than suffering an injury at an inappropriate time. Their ability to compete against the very finest athletes in their chosen sport is hindered as a result of this, and the same is true for professional fighters.

The news that fighters have sustained injuries is something that fans of combat sports absolutely despise hearing about since it has the potential to end their careers or compel them to fight at a rate that is less than optimal in the hopes of pulling off an unexpected victory.

When it comes to ONE Championship star Liam Harrison, however, the fact that he is recovering from an injury will not prevent him from making a comeback to the ONE Championship ring.

Although “The Hitman” is just ten victories away from the coveted 100-fight résumé, his opportunity to reach 91 has been lost twice now due to injuries. He is only ten wins away from achieving this goal.

Harrison was forced to remove himself from his fight against Pongsiri PK Saenchai in January 2023 due to injuries that need surgical intervention. In the most recent instance, he had a knee injury, which caused him to miss his match against John Lineker. This occurred in advance of the match.

Relentless as they come, Harrison has no intention of going quietly into that good night and is making good on his promise of a comeback. He is now making good on his vow.

A motivational remark was connected to a video that the English celebrity posted on his social media account, which showed him performing padwork.

“Before you see what you say, speak what you see,” the proverb goes. This is a full-fledged comeback.

Liam Harrison shoots down ONE world title shot

Harrison has made it abundantly plain that he is no longer interested in competing against Jonathan Haggerty for the ONE bantamweight kickboxing or Muay Thai world championship. This is despite the fact that there is a lot of pressure going on for him to do so.

That has not, however, prevented him from making it known that if he were still in his prime, ‘The General’ would have been a bout that he would have easily won.

Harrison is opting for a last bout in Muay Thai against fellow veteran Seksan Or Kwanmuang rather than a clash with Haggerty, who is also a professional boxer from the United Kingdom.

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